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Letters to the Editor



Real New Zealanders?
It is with interest I note a group of ‘New Zealanders’ have shattered the rules of the lockdown by setting up road blocks on state highways and preventing ‘non-residents’ from passing through.

Now, I know the housing situation in New Zealand is critical, but to have a house right on State Highway 1 and other state highways, and consequently able to operate a road block whilst remaining in your home is quite remarkable. After all, isn’t that what we have to do? Remain in our homes unless we are required as essential workers?

It is also amazing that while most New Zealanders are following the rules during this period, the police and authorities are condoning this action.

Why should we remain in our homes when this flagrant abuse of the rules continues by a few ‘New Zealanders’ who seem to have adopted, embraced and cemented the apartheid philosophy regime that has become so universal in this country? Separate development is NOT working in unity or being kind to others that we are being cajoled to do at this terrible time.

But then again what can we expect from a government who seem to be talking a lot, changing the rules minute by minute with minimal real action to implement the regulations that they have imposed.

And of course it would be inappropriate and hurtful to comment on the $50m given to a section of ‘New Zealanders’ due to them being left out of the handout to which ALL New Zealanders have access to and is paid by taxpayers. Yeah right!

There is a fine line between common sense and paranoia!

Peter Matheson


Choose life

So we’ve closed our borders against Coronavirus, and fair enough. Hopefully this helps somehow. My address of the seemingly noble ‘fight for life’ of the government against Covid-19 is not in disagreement of such efforts but of concern for the hypocrisy it presents. While such protocols are placed to preserve people’s lives, out of parliament at this same time emerges a third reading of the abortion bill. The worst effects of coronavirus upon most at-risk individuals is harrowing, but who will pause from panic and think to protect themselves from viral thinking processes saying it’s actually okay to kill?

While collecting toileting essentials recently you may have hoarded chocolate eggs too. Easter. You might feel fearful and alone. However, valuable citizen, you’re not forgotten. There is One Perfectly Just you may seek who meets us wherever we are, even in

isolation. After all, He is not about pretence but sincerity and truth. Jesus, whose innocent blood was poured out, overcoming death, offers redemption and eternal hope.

Tell me: Who is at the border of human value and vulnerability, vigilantly keeping watch, fighting for the needs of voiceless Kiwi kids?

There were numerous ‘love letters’ for the unborn in submissions opposing the ‘abortion reform bill’, but it seems Parliament has rejected these, disregarding pleas for the freedom of life for those most needy.

This is not a letter of condemnation of people (all precious, regardless of age, race and imperfection) having made past choices deeply regretted. This is a plea for the future. Some parliamentarians have drawn their deadly line in the sand, but no individual can be forced to follow suit, embracing abortion in our country.

Yes, there are two choices still (although not equal) and thankfully we still have freedom to choose life.

M Greenway


Covid-19 virus

The deadly Covid-19 virus is rapidly spreading,

From country to country who knows where it’s heading.

For the old and the young it holds no fears,

And for too many it ends in tears.

Stay indoors don’t take the risk,

If you have to go out make it brisk.

You’re bound to see someone when you’re out,

No hugging or kissing just wave and shout.

Keep your distance all the time,

Follow guidelines and toe the line.

By phone or internet keep in touch with family and friends,

Praying and hoping this virus ends.

Charlie Mennell


Road review needed

I've read the article comments from people who experience the road conditions in Lawrence Road and Cames Road with some interest as I live in Black Swamp Road, and I

felt myself nodding in agreement. The dust generated here in the peak hours traffic every work day can be really bad and is always annoying.

For those fellow sufferers, a couple of differences we have: the trade and heavy vehicles prohibited along Cames Road are allowed along Black Swamp Road and the speed limit here is 100 kph. There are signs asking people to slow down because of the dust, but these seem to make no difference at all.

I've asked the council about having a lower limit as that would help the residents and make little difference to the road users going to the golf course at Tara Iti. It might even save a few accidents as a fair number of trucks belt along this road when it really isn't safe to do that.

Initially the council were going to have a speed review last year, then that was combined with the one being carried out by the NZTA, then it was due to be dealt with purely statistically without input from the public and now it seems to be unclear whether any review will take place at all.

I'd suggest interested readers should let their local councillors know about their concerns and ask when a review of speeds limits and a limit on traffic allowed is going to take place for all our dustiest roads.

David Medland-Slater


Community spirit

As stranded British tourists we want to say a huge thank you to the Mangawhai community for the kindness shown to us during the current Covid-19 crisis.

With all of our flights cancelled and no immediate prospect of getting home we needed to find somewhere to hunker down before lockdown on Wednesday (March 25). A big thank-you to Rob and Val Cleaver, and Jill and Donn Olssen for sorting out our accommodation at short notice without knowing how long they would have to put up with us ‘refugees’.

It never rains but it pours, and after standing with others in a queue in the hot sun at the Four Square in Mangawhai Heads and getting a big shop done our hire car decided to conk out. Our hire company has closed down so no help there. Steve Taua immediately came to our rescue, abandoning his place in the queue to see if he could diagnose the problem and then called his wife to bring down some tools. All this done observing social distancing! People rallied round and with the help of jump leads got us going and we got the shopping home before the ice cream melted! Thank you to the owner if the jump leads.

In true community spirit Steve was then taken to the front of the shopping queue.

Jenny and Tony Boyse
Ebrington, England

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