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Seawater therapy ideal winter treatment



Staying healthy through the winter might warrant a look at marine plasma. This is a sea water extract collected from an algal bloom that contains all the essential elements of the periodic table, plus all the trace minerals, amino acids and fatty acids that our cells evolved in and have a genetic memory for. It makes up the fluid surrounding our cells that is the most nurturing for them. Once deficiencies are overcome, cellular regeneration occurs.

Marine plasma was used in all the drips during both World War 1 and 2. Pregnant women who were taking the plasma had flawless babies and avoided 98 percent of all birth defects.

In the original experiments performed on dogs (prior to it being used on humans), all the blood was drained out of the body and replaced with marine plasma. The dogs thrived!

It was originally used with children who were wasting away, dehydrated, and normally would have died. With the marine plasma they began eating and drinking by themselves and recovered – it became famous for that.

A lot of people report a loss of cravings, and a deep sense of inner fulfilment. Little things you have had a while may start to heal. One of the most reported effects has been increased growth and thickness of nails as well as healthy hair growth. We like it because once administered, digestive problems diminish and nutrient absorption from food improves.

We like to administer it either with our ozone treatments, or on its own to improve human health. It can be taken orally, by injection or by IV.

Do something good for you this winter! Quinton Marine Plasma treatments are available Mondays and Saturdays at Waipu Natural Health with myself; our Clinical Nutritionist Jan van der Lee is in clinic Tuesdays through Fridays and can include the oral marine plasma along with your winter wellness programme.

n Dr Wayne McCarthy is a Registered Naturopathic Physician practising at Waipu Natural Health.

Dr Wayne McCarthy

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