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25th June 2018

Kids taking pride in their pets

Mangawhai Beach School is big on pet and animal care. Last December it was Kiwi Care Mufti Day with morning tea and funds donated to Marunui Kiwi Reserve. Then a Project Jonah fundraiser. 
20180619 132149-91

Ed Said - The winds of change keep blowing

There is a gaping hole in the comprehension and understanding between the lives of rural and urban people. This is not disparaging to either, its simply a fact. 

Charity could be sunk by boss’s lewd behaviour 

Volunteers excited to sign up and sail around the Pacific islands on a humanitarian mission in 2017 reportedly had their dream shattered by abuse and bullying at the hands of the mission’s leader – a charismatic man from Mangawhai. 


Craig Koning-464

First workshop for central township received with appreciation

Following up from the well-attended public meeting in April, the team behind Mangawhai’s exciting new township initiated their first open workshop recently.
12 MF-MangCentral-984

Mangawhai Beach School gets big classroom boost

In the latest assessments of population growth in different areas and subsequent pressure on schools, Mangawhai Beach School has been a big winner in the Education Minister’s latest allocation of new classrooms, announced officially last Friday by the Ministry.

6800617 orig-248

Mayors Memo

Big news for everyone in Kaipara is the shape of the new roading contract, included for Council’s consideration at its June Council meeting, for the period 1 July 2018 until 30 June 2022. Everyone I meet with has a road complaint or a story to tell, especially as winter comes on.

Mayors Photo-666

Partnership pushes BYO bags

Joining a movement currently circulating around the globe, a Kaipara supermarket and environmental awareness group have become partners in culling an environmental threat – single-use plastic bags.
11 MF-Kaiparalove copy-667

Work recognised with national PR award

Northland Regional Council marketing and engagement manager Natasha Stubbing has won the hotly contested Public Relations Institute of New Zealand’s (PRINZ) Young Practitioner award.
natasha stubbing-435

Gardening with Gael - Winter flowers: Pink is the new white

The pink fundraiser article on the front of last week’s Focus inspired me to think of all things pink. The front page says “In the realm of colour, pink is the hue for universal unconditional love of oneself and others, representing compassion, understanding and the giving and receiving of care.”

Big future planned for Highway Cafe

Highway Cafe at the intersection of SH1 and SH12 and the southern approach to the Bryndrwyns has opened fresh and bright and is already attracting a steady flow of customers.

20180619 153221-34

School run for fun, dash for cash 

A one week delay due to the recent extreme wet weather did little to douse people’s enthusiasm to pound Mangawhai’s streets for a worthy cause. 

12 MF-Funrun pineapple girls-203

Footpath gridlock

A concerned Mangawhai Focus reader sent us this picture of ‘footpath gridlock’ outside Four Square at Mangawhai Heads. Older residents had trouble negotiating the sign closest to the road, they said. Looks like pushchairs, wheelchairs and mobility scooters wouldn’t get through either.
Footpath gridlock-493

Kaiwaka School needs your support

Kaiwaka School has a thriving and energetic kapa haka group, led by the dedicated Mina Paikea, and with over 95 per cent of the school's pupils taking part, the group is big.


Moonlit footage needed for film

A recent community project that transformed Mangawhai Artists Gallery into a magical fluorescent New Zealand bush scene, has spawned yet another creative idea. However the artists involved require urgent input from those who attended the exhibition. 
12 MF-Moonlitfilm-127

Just Clarifying........

Last issue of The Focus (June 11) we ran a short news piece on page 15 about a fatal collision between two cars. 

Regarding the letter to the editor entitled ‘Questions need answering’ (Mangawhai Focus, June 11) and purported to be written by a G J Ware of Kaiwaka. 


Waipu Natural Health - Our Daily Bread

Who doesn’t love the smell of home-baked bread straight from the oven? Steamy and fluffy on the inside, crunchy on the outer. Who knows that smell any more?

Jan VDL-14

Te Whai’s first AGM

Mangawhai’s community social service organisation, Te Whai Community Trust, held their first AGM on June 19, providing an opportunity for dedicated board members to share the groups many activities and successes. 
12 MF-TeWhai team-895

Addressing the gap in local social services 

Organisations who work to benefit the holistic health in communities came together recently to discuss the social problems and chasm of support and services available in east Kaipara. 
12 MF-Socialservices2-190-933

Design award for Tara Iti clubhouse

One of Mangawhai’s most exclusive grand designs has recently collected an architectural award, winning the prize due to its welcoming and relaxing structural environment. 
10 MF-Taraitiaward2-233

Tsunami sirens now closer to home

New indoor tsunami sirens are now available to alert people who live, work or holiday along Northland’s coast.

Simon Jones and Victoria Harwood-269

Simple ways to keep the winter power bills down

The cold snaps mean higher power bills as we snuggle up in front of heating to keep warm, but there are easy ways to lower your power bill without compromising on comfort, according to EECA Energywise.


Airplane art for sale?

Though a local engineer for 20 years, on retiring John Davey found he still needed a ‘project’. 

Typically, one thing leads to another but John was initially attracted by a propeller from the genuine crash of a twin-engine plane – fortunately without casualty. It was offered on Trade Me and John perceived a special kind of ‘garden art’. 

20180619 113047-911

Fresh look for Art n Tartan

Once again the wearable art show Art n Tartan will be held in the Waipu Celtic Barn. Cell►
Since its beginning in 2010 Art n Tartan has flourished under the directorship of Helen Frances, whose vision for the event has seen it grow from strength to strength. 


Worzels World - Selfies, False Gods and Narcissism

The concept that self-esteem is good for people, and especially for the young, gained credence in the late 1980s. The crazy idea was that in order to free ourselves from any and everything harmful, like drug addiction and domestic violence to teenage pregnancy and sub standard academic achievement, we simply had to believe that we were amazing and special. 

Matariki, a celebration that draws our community together

The second annual Te Uri o Hau Matariki Festival will be held at Rodney College on Saturday June 30 from 10.30am. 
Activities showcased during the event will be: with a crew demonstrating their dedication to kaupapa Māori, their craft and in full support of the Matariki kaupapa. 


Winter entertainment at The Club

Paul plays the role of Maurice but sounds like Barry; John plays the role of Robin but sounds like Maurice; Tony plays the role of Barry but sounds like Robin. All a bit mixed up and back to front, hence the name: The Gee Bees.
gee bees 2-35

Mangawhai Women’s Institute celebrates 80 years

The Mangawhai Women’s Institute (MWI) is proud to announce their 80th birthday celebrations which will take place in the Mangawhai Village Hall on July 17. Previously known as Country Women’s Institute, the MWI was established in 1938 just prior to the outbreak of World War 2.

Future tracks upgrade to help counter kauri dieback

A massive three year operation to scour three million hectares of Northern countryside for signs of a deadly tree disease has shown the majority of possible contaminated sites lie in Northland. 
10 MF-Kauridieback-117
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