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Therapy offers clarity and healing on a wide range of life issues



25 July, 2022



thumbnail 14 MF-Corinna copy-140‘If you have your health, you have everything’ goes the saying, and with a spotlight on Kiwis’ mental wellbeing over the past few years, the importance of having a healthy emotional world is now on par with the physical.


With this in mind, locals seeking assistance for any troubles from the worried-well to sufferers of various trauma, can now find support from a compassionate professional with over two decades of experience.

Recently-new local, registered senior psychotherapist Corinna Friebel, shifted to Kaiwaka in March this year with a desire to live closer to nature, and is currently transferring part of her Auckland practice to Kaipara.

“I still have my practice in the city, I commute once a fortnight in addition to zoom sessions with clients, which works quite well. However, I enjoy sitting in the room with people, which is an advantage especially for couple therapy where I mainly work from the ‘Emotionally Focussed Therapy model’,” she says.

“I am trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches as well and work with a broad range of issues from anxiety, depression, grief and loss, to identity issues, trauma, toxic shame, and life transitions, body issues, relationships and migration adjustment.”

Born and bred in Germany, Corinna migrated to New Zealand in 1987, ’a major turning point in my life’ where she began her new career in the health sector. Starting with ante-natal massage, she became interested in the body-mind connection after ‘coming into contact’ with her clients’ trauma, and decided to study counselling and psychotherapy.

Since graduating from Auckland University of Technology in 1997, the bilingual therapist, who communicates in both German and English, has worked in mental health for the Auckland District Health Board, for the specialist refugee trauma services in both Auckland and Australia as well as in private practise. Corinna also used to be an active volunteer with Amnesty International in Germany for

many years and has lived in both Berlin and Hamburg, the diversity of the cities inspiring a strong interest in cross-cultural relationships. Over time this has led to her strength in working with a wide range of clients from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. Passionate about her work and helping others find clarity and healing, Corinna offers both short term counselling as well as psychotherapy for longstanding issues.

“Counselling, usually from three to ten sessions, supports people in clarifying their current life situation, identifying goals for the future and learning new skills. For most people though true growth and healing comes from a slower, more thorough exploration of the issues you would like to address,” she says.

“Restoring healthy relationships and feeling at home with yourself, is like walking in the rain with a wide umbrella.”

n Experienced, passionate and compassionate, to book an appointment with Kaipara’s new resident psychotherapist Corinna Friebel, visit claritypsychotherapy.co.nz or phone 021 051 7243.


Psychotherapist Corinna Friebel shifted to Kaiwaka earlier this year with a desire to live closer to nature. PHOTO/SUPPLIED


“Restoring healthy relationships and feeling at home with yourself, is like walking in the rain with a wide umbrella.”

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