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Pledge needed to grow art centre



4 MF-Gallery-379Mangawhai’s much-loved space for all genres of art needs to expand, and the artists who consistently delight with beautiful and diverse exhibitions have an ambitious and award winning plan. 

With the aim to extend the current Mangawhai Art Gallery, including an extra workspace as well as bathroom facilities, Mangawhai Artist Inc (MAI) officially launched a five week fundraising campaign on February 23 at Bennetts Cafe, hoping to raise $100,000 by the end of March.

MAI deputy chair Lynn Middleton says although the society receives numerous requests for more art opportunities including community projects as well as adults and children’s programmes, the gallery in its current state is too small. 

“We want to change that. We want to create an art workspace to have workshops and classes at the same time as exhibitions for year-round daily use,” she says. “We have plans, and consents, we are ready to go… now we need the community’s help!” 

Running until March 31, MAI have set up a crowd funding ‘PledgeMe Project’ which works by people donating differing amounts of money in return for a variety of rewards including workshops with experienced artists, art books, art works, restaurant vouchers, expressions of appreciation and even aspects of the building itself such as the doors or windows. 

“Basically we send out the link and people can donate, pledge online or go into the gallery where they can also see the 3D model of the extension,” Middleton says. “We have lots of great rewards as well as welcoming those who want to donate without a reward. Our planning for this project contributed to MAI winning two Westpac Northland Business Excellence Awards last year.”

A community asset worth over $250,000, Mangawhai Gallery is known for its quality fortnightly exhibitions, attracting over 12,000 locals, visitors and tourists every year. In 2018, 2000 people participated in the second community project ‘One Moonlit Night’, marking the venue as an art workspace for community wellbeing, participation and creativity. 

Middleton says the artists hope that building can begin in May, however pledges will only be collected after April 1 if the target of $100,000 is reached by March 31. 

“We need that amount to build the art workspace so if we don’t get that, we won’t be able to go ahead with the extension,” she says. “MAI is leading this work for the community in appreciation of the support we receive from the community. Donations are essential. It’s all or nothing.”

 For more information contact mangawhaiartists@gmail.com. Follow MAI on Facebook and visit the website mangawhaiartists.co.nz for updates.

All or nothing; MAI are putting a callout to the community to help extend Mangawhai Art Gallery, an art workspace in the creative heart of Mangawhai. (GRAPHIC/ Nicky Everett)

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