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Hometown hero on the mat


Mr A - wrestler-521

Maungaturoto’s hometown hero Daniel Alcock – that’s ‘Mr A’ to you – will bring out his ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ persona as he steps into the wrestling ring in Maungaturoto this weekend as part of the Maniacs United pro wrestling team, giving the locals a first-hand look at the big grunters who grasp and grapple in man against man (or woman) combat.

Daniel became a wrestling convert as a youngster watching the superstars of pro-wrestling on TV. Three years ago the 37-year-old father of two decided to follow his dream.

Dans went to a wrestling show in Whangarei run by a man whose wrestling name was Bolta and who became his first teacher. He then started training with the Maniacs in Auckland. He also occasionally trained with The Hughes Academy of Professional Wrestling in Auckland.

“Contrary to popular opinion I found the wrestling people highly intelligent, not what I had necessarily expected,” he says. “All the wrestlers had always had the dream to be wrestlers and it’s all based on respect.”

He trains regularly in Auckland and will have his first serious bout against a woman called ‘Just Plain Evil’ who eats newcomers for breakfast, and is the most experienced active wrestler in New Zealand with over 16 years experience.

Though a newcomer – pretty big and fairly tasty – he is sure to have a large following of supporters in his corner who will want to see him prevail as his day job is that of a teacher of year 4 and 5 pupils at Maungaturoto Primary School.

“I thought it would be great to debut in my hometown and to have the biggest show Maniacs have ever had,” he adds.

With over 300 tickets already sold this might well happen.

In his everyday life Daniel is enthusiastic about his job and a keen follower of a number of sports. As a kid he did gymnastics and ballet, he liked to challenge what being a man actually was. Another of his long term goals was to become a lifeguard, another goal that was reached at Waipu Cove a couple of summers ago.

Let’s hope he can make a successful debut.

n Tickets are selling fast. Details: Maungaturoto Centennial Hall, View St., Maungaturoto, Saturday April 29, 5.45pm–8.00pm. All sales from his merchandise will be donated to the Maungaturoto Primary School PTA.

MR A: Primary school teacher and competitive wrestler, Daniel Alcock, gets support from his pupils.

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