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Your Questions Answered - Supporting Growth


Kaipara’s growth in building activity continues. Building consents processed for Kaipara in August were 56 (value $6.2 million), in September were 70 (value $7.3 million) and in October were 61 (value $6.5 million).

Mangawhai/Kaiwaka is where most of the activity is taking place, although the western side of the district is seeing building activity supporting industry taking place. Overall the level of activity is almost double that of two years ago.

The growth puts pressure on Council staff, especially in the teams that process the building and resource consent applications and in customer services. The staff aim to serve the public to the best of their ability. They are performing well in a very busy environment. The lead up to the Christmas break is likely to be especially busy for them. Council staff numbers have increased at the Mangawhai office, as this is where the building and regulatory teams are mostly based.

The growth also requires the Council to invest in the public assets that support growing pedestrian and vehicle movements. Footpath extensions and repairs are visible in Mangawhai and Kaiwaka. Pipe laying is ongoing to allow further connections to the Mangawhai Community Wastewater Scheme. Stormwater work has been apparent, especially along Molesworth Avenue where historic flooding issues for low-lying businesses are being dealt with. And this week the Council expects to let a contract for the long-awaited seal extensions for Estuary Drive and Moir Point Road.

Some of this work is catch-up work, delayed by the troubles of the past and a significant number of property owners withholding their rates. With this largely behind us, the Council is able to focus on the future and the provision of services and infrastructure that Kaipara’s various communities need.

Growth also inspires community groups to help shape the future. Work by volunteers supported by the Council, to enhance the Mangawhai Community Park, is ongoing. In Kaiwaka, a group is discussing the shape of the town and the issues of safety and traffic management. In Maungaturoto, a group wants to develop a second playground.

Paying for growth
As indicated above, growth requires investment by both the private and public sectors. As the local public sector player, the Kaipara District Council funds some of the public expenditure required to support growth by way of what are called “development contributions.” Both legislation and Council policy defines the purpose for which development contributions can be charged, and how they may be calculated.

By and large development contributions help fund capital expenditure to support reserves, network infrastructure and community infrastructure. In Mangawhai today, the development contribution required from a developer for a new lot that is connectable to the Mangawhai Community Wastewater Scheme is $21,950. This is a similar cost to east coast beach properties in the Whangarei District.

District Court Judgment
Judge de Ridder released his decision on 12 November in the case between the Kaipara District Council and Bruce and Heather Rogan. He entered judgment against the Rogans for $20,878.90, being their rates outstanding for more than three years.

He also ordered that they pay interest at 5 percent from 14 October 2014 and costs.

There were other “stayed defendants” in this case, numbering around twenty property owners who joined this case and owe rates to the Council. They are also now liable for all rates now due.

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