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Always something new for garden ramblers


Garden Ramble 2015 1853-759
Each gardening year brings forth new colours, new hybrids and a new wave of gardeners so it’s only natural the 2015 Palmers Mangawhai Garden Ramble would attract a whole new raft of ramblers, and so it proved.

Some older gardens showed grand maturity and lend 
themselves lovingly to ramblers who want to wander slowly through their paths, pointing and musing, pausing occasionally to stoop and smell a special bloom that draws their attention; the younger plots exude a fresh newness and tend in some cases towards garden art and architecture 
giving the refreshing changes that every gardener or rambler craves. Some are carefully planned while others just seem to ‘happen’.

Cottage gardens, town sections, restricted spaces or lifestyle blocks all had something going for them in their individuality and when Mangawhai attracts busloads of ramblers from the Auckland Rhododendron Club, Kerikeri, Auckland’s North Shore, and across the Kaipara, our chipped fingernail brigade can rest easy in the knowledge that, after 12 years, Mangawhai still has something new to offer.

Garden Ramble 2015 1753-139The special night exhibit at John Dickies garden number 14 was a highlight for many on the Saturday. The days were blessed with fabulous weather and although Mondays downpour made it difficult for the gardeners to participate in their own ‘unramble’ – where they visit each others gardens – the rain was timely and welcome.

Ticket-buyers can also be proud of supporting our Plunket and kindergarten. Mums work hard in organising the ramble so their kids can benefit while the many stops who provide food and beverages add a dimension – that welcome cuppa and scone – that every gardener needs.

Interaction between gardeners and ramblers is also an important component of the weekend. The number of families rambling with their kids ensures a new generation of gardeners and a love of the outdoors. There were also many first time ramblers getting out and many are looking forward to returning next year.

The exact totals are yet to be assessed but are expected to exceed the $10,000 mark – the best yet.

“We exceeded ticket sales then had to do a reprint,” said Cara Shields on behalf of the organisers.“It was an extremely successful event with very positive feedback from sponsors, gardeners, volunteers and ramblers who particularly liked the wide variety of gardens on show from the highly manicured and professionally landscaped, the tropical, the traditional, the cottages and the farm gardens, to the wild native and natural.”

Any gardeners or landscapers in the Mangawhai and surrounding areas that would be interested in having their properties included in next year’s event, please contact the fundraising team through Mangawhai Kindergarten, 431 4333 or email mangawhai@aka.org.nz.

“With fronds like you, who needs anemones?”
-- Garden saying

By Rob Pooley, Photos by Caren Hastings
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