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Worzel's World - The Great Reset examined


I pre-empted the November issue of Time magazine with an article titled ‘The Great Global Reset’. It was published on the website ‘The BFD’ and can be viewed there by anyone interested. World Economic Forum chairman Klaus Schwab’s recently published book is titled ‘Covid 19: The Great Reset’.

The concept of a worldwide takeover and one overarching world government goes back to the beginning of recorded history. It has been attempted and sometimes implemented for periods during that history. Yet these past empires lacked the technological means to actually rule the world. Such hegemony has always resulted in oppression and enslavement of the common man.

There are many of us who believe that the plans behind the current push for global control have been formulated from the beginning of time itself. They have been written about and alluded to in prophetic writing for millennia. The manifestation of this agenda signals the beginning of a season that biblical prophecy refers to as ‘the end of the age’.

These plans and their implementation have also been the subject of secular fiction and nonfiction for several generations. Indeed, it was Freemasonic, Fabiansocialist science fiction writer HG Wells who first coined the term ‘New World Order’. The Great Reset is merely a rebranding of this ageold concept, although the plans and agendas have been written about, experimented with and implemented in part, and in places they have be progressed on a global scale in relative secrecy. Even though all the information and all the signs were there for any and everyone to see, they were, as if by magic, hidden in plain sight. Alas there are none so blind as those who will not see.

The current revolution is a silent war with quiet weapons. It is, like all wars, spiritual. Some of the physical manifestations of this war though will be removal of cash or any other form of financial exchange that cannot be monitored, the implementation of AI-based surveillance and consequent loss of all privacy, the cancellation of debt in return for loss of private ownership, pervasive state control over all aspects of life (even your own body – compulsory medical testing and mandatory vaccines), the complete removal of democracy in all but name.

The proponents of the Globalist New World Order agenda use nefarious means to achieve their ends. They earnestly believe the means justifies the end. Their opponents maintain that it is the means that produce the end, that a good result cannot be obtained through evil means. That the journey is as important as the destination.

The utopian picture painted by those who are prepared to manipulate, subjugate, coerce and control others in order to further their goals is always an illusion. The destination in this case will be a long way from the paradise that is painted and will be more akin to the hell that has been predicted.

Students of history and even the slightly observant already know that greater centralisation of power never results in greater good. The sales pitch though, much like electioneering slogans, can sound reasonable, logical, practical, expedient and efficient. The plan may even contain certain elements of what the advertising buzz words tout – sustainability, inclusiveness, equality – but I for one don’t want to be inclusive with, or equal to, controlled vassals used to act out a vision of sustainability conceived by delusional evil oligarchs. The plan is essentially evil because it is predicated on power and control rather than freedom and choice. It essentially denies the soul of man and is devoid of love, truth and faith. It is the devil’s work and I want no part of it.

Man’s seemingly unending quest for conquest is predicated on a misguided and prideful presumption that humanity can save itself. Or in this case that an elect few can save the world if only we believe them and go along with their plan, that mankind has the answers to the many problems they themselves have created. There is not a single shred of evidence anywhere that this is possible. I look around and am convinced that mankind doesn’t even really understand the problem.

Many find the idea of ceding control to others appealing and are welcoming what is touted as a benign despotism with open arms. Some convinced by a steady stream of propaganda believe that greater centralisation of power is a solution of sorts, that although it has never worked before, against all odds it will work this time. Most will ‘go along to get along’ simply because it is ‘easier’ and too much trouble to do otherwise. Because of external pressure many will conform, comply and eventually grudgingly consent. This will leave a remnant of those who have a love of the truth and – at least in part – an understanding of the nature of the game. These are the resistance. These are the redeemed.

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