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Good clean water vital for a healthy community says Aqua Works


23 May, 2022


thumbnail 10 MF-Aquaworks1 copy-725Bringing a vital life-giving source to communities in its pure form is the main driving force behind H20 business, Aqua Works, who have been servicing many communities with healthy, tasty drinking water for over two decades.

Founded by Steve Reynolds, the family-owned Warkworth-based company with a small enthusiastic team of installers, electricians and administrative personnel, specialise in the importance of water health, with products ranging from UV filtration, rain harvesting and water pumps, as well as a call-out service for emergencies.

“It is a matter truly dear to my heart to provide fresh clean water to our community,” he says. “We’re uncompromising when it comes to the quality of the products we use when other people’s health is at stake.”

Steve says that while collecting rainwater sounds easy – only requiring a roof, gutters, downpipes and a collection tank ‘and rain of course’ – an effective rainwater catchment system involves tested and proven products, and special requirements such as the amount and quality of drinking water needed also has to be taken into account. An installed UV filter system will protect against bacteria such as E.coli, botulism, campylobacter, salmonella and dysentery and the giardia parasite so it is essential for healthy drinking water.

“A quirky fact is it's actually illegal to sell or rent a premises without a potable water supply, so in regards to rainwater this means having a whole house fitted out with a UV system, is a minimum requirement,” he says. “We can support people in many ways regarding the system specification, design and compliance of water filter systems and make sure water is safe, sterilised and potable including writing water safety plans to meet legal obligations.”

The Aqua Works team also gets involved in the community, raising awareness of the importance of clean, healthy drinking water to youth groups and schools, as well as organising events.

“Our initiative ‘Aqua refill - not landfill’ aims to reduce plastic pollution in the Rodney district. We want to shift every household, school and business from plastic bottles to reuseable and refillable bottles.”

With a customer base ranging from Auckland to Waipu, Aqua Works’ six service vehicles can often be seen in Mangawhai, and the team feel ‘they are almost locals’ Steve says, due to servicing customers in the area for over 20 years.

“We are in Mangawhai often, usually multiple times a week and have many long-term customers, we would also rather drive to Mangawhai than to Auckland!” he says. “Water is our business, and helping people to drink safe healthy water, that is our passion.”


With water a hot topic, from the controversal Three Waters reforms to sea levels rising and sandminining issues, the Aqua Works team will ensure customers can retain control over their own water. PHOTO/SUPPLIED


“It is a matter truly dear to my heart to provide fresh clean water to our community.”

– Steve Reynolds

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