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Mangawhai Bowls


Magical Mangawhai Mixed 4’s, May 6-8

This 3 day tournament was to replace our 2 day Mangawhai A/C 4’s. It was organised and run by sub committee of John Wintle, Colin Wintle, Colin Pierce, Jane Walker and Kris Wintle.

In a short time frame they rustled up 30 teams from Australia, the South Island, and Counties north.

Generous sponsors included Mangawhai C/Club, The Vet Centre, Timberworld, Village 4 Square, Leabourn Passenger Service, First National Real Estate. Also sponsorship from Mangawhai bowlers Adam B, Jim C, Dundee H, John & Kris W, Bruno B, Graham W, Colin W, Darcy W and the entertainment from Charlie S.

Weather for the 3 days was great, greens looked and played well and challenged all bowlers with their pace.

Results were: 1st Mike Butler, Sam Nelson, Patrick Lewis, Caroline Downs; 2nd Kevin Robinson, Dave Eades,Wayne Wrack, Diane Lawrencel; 3rd Graham Wintle, Wendy Sarjeant, Charlie Shepherd, Rob Anderson; 4th Colin Wintle, Harry Wihongi, Brian Hagger, Rawi Brewster; 5th Steve Mitchell, Manu Timoti, Betty Mitchell, Don Cameron; 6th Ivan Zonich, Alf Dickens, Jan McKenna, Joe McKenna; 7th John Dunne, Bruce Horscroft, Eric Patillo, Teeny Wawatai; 8th Graham Howard, Chris Fisher, Ann Muir, Chris Budge.

Congratulations to all bowlers and thanks to our sponsors.

Centre Open Champ of Champ Pairs, May 14
Thirteen clubs took part. After the semis the two teams left to play the final were Maungaturoto’s team of Kevin Robinson (S) and Wayne Wrack up against Onerahi’s John Dunne (S) and Ian Halls. Unfortunately due to the time factor this game is still to be played. But when it is it should be a cracker.

Centre Open Champ of Champ 4s

This event saw 15 teams entered, and from all accounts there was some very good bowling.

The teams in this event that won their way into the final were, from Kensington, Gordon Bond (S) Dean McMurtrie, George Lydiad, and Joe Thorburn, and Dargaville’s, Kevin West (S) Allan McKinnon, Murray Liddell, and Monty Stott. Gordon Bond’s team won the final to be 2015/16 Champs and Kevin West’s team had to settle for runner up position. Very well done to both finalists, and congrats to all teams who played in the event.

- Ron H.


Winter Series, May 11
Ron McCallum Green: 1st Ted Sloane, Dennis Young, Neil McMaster 4 wins, 21 ends, 49 points; 2nd Kevin Robinson, Dianne Lawrence, Marny Jones 3 wins, 26 ends, 57 pts.

B Green: 1st Rob Cleaver, Terry John, Wendy Wright 3.5 wins, 17 ends, 37 pts; 2nd Dave Orford, Jill Stewart, Jan Adler 3 wins, 21 ends, 42 pts.

Hard Luck: John Saunders, Harry Foote, Rose Riley.

Winter Series, May 4
Ron McCallum Green: 1st Kevin Robinson 4 wins, 20 ends, 39 pts; 2nd Sue Rokstad 3 wins, 22 ends 43 pts.

B Green: 1st Len Lawrence 4 wins, 18 ends, 39 pts; 2nd Roy Hardie 4 wins, 17 ends, 37 pts.

Hard luck prize: Margaret Powell
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