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Worzels World - Unresolved Resolutions



New Year’s resolutions are tough for me these days. I’ve already given up smoking and due to the ministrations of others I now ‘eat my greens’, including beans and spinach. This is a strange phenomenon that my poor mother tried hard to make manifest but never lived to see realised. It could only happen in an age when the outrageous has become commonplace.

Of course I have never kept a New Year’s resolution yet. So I have resolved to stop making them. New Year’s resolutions of the past have been merely a subtle invitation to future guilt when, invariably, I failed to keep them. But if I were to make any, what should they be?

Firstly I would resolve to remind our politicians and bureaucrats that civilisation, society, mankind or whatever you wish to call this crazy milieu of our collective existence, does not need them. All our temporal needs come from the earth. The earth was not created by people. Governments and laws are created by people and in consequence should be subservient to them.

Most collections of people have at some time in their history maintained themselves and thrived without need of any formal government. It is the greatest and maybe the only achievement of government to persuade people that government itself is necessary. Good government that attempts to serve the people can be, and often is, tolerated. But history shows that government that coerces people into obeying arbitrary rules while removing their freedom and wealth does not last and revolution in some form is the inevitable result.

Over recent times any real attempt at serving the people has been replaced by propaganda that merely tells people they are being served. It comes thick and fast and many are deceived and end up being controlled by a false construct. Most have an undefined sense that something is amiss but cannot quite pin it down. A dream world divorced from real value and values has been made to enslave the common man without his conscious knowledge or consent, but the dream has become disturbing and more and more people are waking up to find that much was stolen while they slept. As is common for any that oversleep the human race is grumpy on awakening.

Trump and Brexit are prime examples of people waking up to their own enslavement and giving their respective overlords a clear message that the status quo is unacceptable. The truth is that control and taxation without consent is theft. People don’t need government but government needs people.

My second resolution would be to remind everyone who isn’t government that you get the rulers you deserve and if you have begun to wake up and are feeling grumpy I would remind you that you are responsible for your own dreams when asleep, and if you didn’t want to be robbed you should have stayed awake and watched.

If you consent to theft you will be robbed. If you consent to falsehood you are condemned to believe your own lies and also the lies of others. To all of you who live in the virtual reality of contemporary urban life: What you are doing? How you are living? the luxury you have come to see as normal is unsustainable and will soon pass. There is coming soon what is called in the

property market a ‘correction’. There is already unprecedented levels of so-called child poverty and homelessness in our declining Western world. It even afflicts people here in New Zealand despite our minimal population and plentiful land.

Once men ruled over land and people by conquest. Only those with great strength, courage, intelligence and sufficient charisma to inspire others to follow them at the possible cost of their lives succeeded in governing. Moses inspired a race of people to flee from slavery and set off in search of a then-unrealised ‘promised land’. Gengis Khan ended up conquering half the world because his tribe needed more grazing for their horses. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, great generals, led from the front, dedicated armies that subdued and ruled the world.

These were the checks and balances on power. Do you see any leaders of this calibre today? These time-honoured methods have been replaced with a strange system that requires people to sell themselves into slavery to usurers, the new rulers of the modern world, in order to be stewards of small pieces of real estate that will inevitably outlast them. I am amazed at the high price people will pay to dispense with their freedom.

My New Year’s resolution is to convince you all that you are being treated not as people but as ‘human resources’ and if you are content to be led like sheep then there are plenty of despots happy to treat you accordingly. And like sheep first you will be fleeced then the inevitable abattoir and slaughter.

n prof_worzel@hotmail.com

New Year’s resolutions of the past have been merely a subtle invitation to future guilt when, invariably, I failed to keep them.

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