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Hottest property in town keeps getting hotter



MAZ hottest property-436Apart from the many hectares of bush walks and cycle tracks, pause for a moment to add up the cost in grants, donations and man hours from the time of the concept plans in 2010 and without a doubt the area that comprises the Mangawhai Activity Zone is the most expensive piece of dirt in Mangawhai.

But let’s look at the benefits.

When one considers the number of walkers, bikers, flying foxers, tennis, cricket and soccer players, hoop-shooters, scooters and skaters, barbecue-ers and those who just sit and enjoy, this has got to be the greatest value of any recent project undertaken on a ‘value for money’ or per head basis.

Those involved over the years and, indeed, the whole community, should be justifiably proud of this amenity. On a comparative basis this must come out very favourably against any similar playground in the country – and it’s not finished yet!

Over this holiday period ‘players’ have often numbered hundreds per day and because of the variety of activities their stays often run into several hours.

The skate bowls alone, among the largest in the country, gained immediate kudos within skating circles both here and overseas. With the sixth Bowl Jam happening early next month literally hundreds of the best skaters in the country will converge onto the MAZ to strut their stuff, hone their skills and entertain a huge gallery of onlookers further proving the value of a professionally-built facility.

Visitors are invited to enjoy MAZ at their leisure and with a completion firmly fixed in the eyes of the committee, they would be thrilled if any family or business was willing to donate towards this goal. Just go to give4maz.co.nz to make a pledge and invest in the community. It will last you, and your family, a lifetime.


FINISH LINE: Mangawhai Activity Zone is heading towards completion but needs sponsorship to get there.

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