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Local Artists in demand


FOLLOWING THE SUCCESS of the multi-artist exhibition and sale over New Year at the new Art Centre in the Village, a new exhibition is currently open for viewing by local artist Pauline Gough whose vibrant works exude thick acrylic, and Russell Hill who prefers oil on canvas. Both showing individual styles, these artists are well known both locally and beyond and their works are sure to offer interesting viewing through to Monday February 8.

JEANETTE VICKERS is gradually gathering wide acclaim for her ‘underwater’ photography. Jeanette’s passion is not the fish or coral of the deep sea but the macro-snapping of the vibrant colours and patterns of the shallows. She received considerable interest from the Mangawhai profile on the TV series This Town, as a result of which in early February she has been invited to hold an open exhibition at Wanganui. A wee way from home but a new audience is sure to be intrigued by her works. Good luck Jeanette.

ACCOMPLISHED LOCAL ARTIST and teacher Gayle Forster has just recently delivered a commission work to an upmarket suburb of Sydney. The customer had previously bought her work but this one, a contemporary work, measuring over three metres tall, will take pride of place and hang between storeys and adjacent to a stairway where it will be viewed from several different angles. Great to see local talent is appreciated elsewhere.

A NEW FACE in Bennett’s courtyard was that of artist Elke Emerald who is currently taking a sabbatical from her position of University Lecturer in Australia to pursue her art interest and bring a little more light to the local scene. Currently domiciled in Hamilton, Elke, defying being put into a category, says her genre is best described as “happy.” Her vibrant colours and shapes certainly depict that and many of her works on display at Bennett’s have definite ‘beach and bach’ connotations and, exhibiting multi shapes and colours are able to be hung a number of ways. Her works will be available from Kakariki Health shop from next week.

ORIGINAL: Gayle Forster’s commissioned work recently hung by it’s new Sydney-based owner.

COLOUR: Elke Emerald, on sabbatical from a University lecturer position in Australia, describes her vibrant painting style as ‘happy’.
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