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Busy season continues for lifeguards


MHVLS Scott MacBeth-705The busy summer season continues for lifeguards at Mangawhai Heads with visitor numbers increasing in the last week after the bad weather over New Year.

Over the weekend of January 9 and 10, Mangawhai Heads Volunteer Lifeguard Service lifeguards carried out seven rescues during patrol hours and two after hours.

"It was super busy both days at Mangawhai Heads with some good surf on Saturday," said patrol captain Jess Costello.

"We performed a number of board and tube rescues on Saturday, with a majority of those rescued either on body boards without fins, or unsupervised by parents," she said.

"Parents must keep an eye on their children in the water. And if they get into trouble, please let the lifeguards know immediately."

Of more concern were the after hours rescues where people were oblivious to rips and dangers at the beach.

"People should always check conditions before heading out to the beach," she said.

This follows on from the dramatic after hours search and rescue performed by Murray Dix and Mark Vercoe in December.

This rescue was awarded Surf Life Saving Northern Region Rescue of the Month for December, an outstanding achievement by the MHVLS After Hours Call Out Squad (see story on this page.)

"It was extremely lucky that the lifeguards spotted the man in the pitch black. The lifeguards demonstrated their advanced search and rescue skills, and knowledge of the area. If they hadn’t found him, the man risked spending another few hours stranded until sunrise," reported Surf Life Saving Northern Region.

The MHVLS would like to thank the Mangawhai Community for their generous donations during the Annual Door Knock Collection on January 3, raising over $5,000.

Volunteer Lifeguards will continue to patrol weekends and public holidays until Easter this year.

WATCHING: Patrol captain Scott MacBeth on patrol at Mangawhai Heads. The patrol gained a 100 percent pass in their recent patrol audit carried out by Surf Life Saving Northern Region. (PHOTO/TONY BAKER)

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