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Worzels World - A case of misunderstanding

The Kaipara District Council have now gotten around to initiating proceedings in law against myself and my company. They cite the Local Government Act and Rating Act, laws which they have consistently transgressed since they were passed by Helen Clark’s Govt in 2002. Prior to that they happily transgressed other (and in my opinion) better laws. I advised them in 2012 that I could no longer support them. They have not addressed the issues I raised then.

I have been burdened without my consent at my busiest time of year with the task of preparing what’s called a ‘Statement of Defence’. The Courts have granted me 25 working days to produce this legally robust production. I suppose though when being attacked it is best to drop everything and defend oneself.

So it came to pass that I had to do some research. Yes dear readers, it does happen. In this case, pun intended, I have been researching the law of the land and pawing through documents and contracts. It is less fun and more depressing than digging a drain and almost as bad as bookkeeping. But then I can dig a pretty good drain and unlike KDC my books are in order.

The greatest enlightenment derived thus far from researching the ‘law’ is that we have far too much of it. There are many Acts and Statutes that unequivocally support my position. However I expect that KDC’s highly remunerated legal team will be able to find many to undermine it.

On consideration I realise that I have spent most of my lifetime conducting research into many and various things including the human condition. My research career began early. As a child I was often frustrated at being missunderstood. I made an effort to expand my vocabulary so as to have access to the requisite syntax that would better enable me to precisely convey meaning. It was no help, and actually made things worse. It is only of any use nailing down a concept with precise language if your listeners understand it. I went from difficult to understand to completely incomprehensible. Most people need to drink a substantial amount to achieve this. For me it is a natural gift that has saved me a fortune in beer and spirits.

I did my best but the goal of being understood seemed as elusive as ever. I had aged several years during my autodidactic matriculation and had become, at least in the legal sense, an adult. This was no help either – it is no better being misunderstood as an adult than as a child. I did however make one important discovery: That reciting poetry to women attracted women more effectively than good looks but not quite as well as money. It didn’t seem to matter that they seldom understood the poetry. This particular understanding has stood me in poor stead ever since.

So what are the results of my latest research? Here are some snapshots. I will use no emotive language. In an effort to be at last understood I will banish the adjective and stick to facts and figures:

* 53% of rates revenue is used to provide services to ratepayers.

* When dealing with their business interests in the now bankrupt state owned Solid Energy company central governments first move was to negotiate with their creditors. They have eschewed this approach on behalf of the people of the Kaipara.

* For many tears the progressively deteriorating state of KDC’s financial position was hidden from ratepayers.

* The Auditor General and the various Ministers for Local Government failed to adequately monitor KDC bahaviour

* KDC have been guilty of acting illegally and have also failed in their duty to provide services guaranteed by law to ratepayers.

* No individual or individuals responsible have yet taken responsibility, been identified or been held accountable. In legal language ‘There has been no remedy for harm done’.

* The loan sourced from Dutch bank ABN Amro in 2009 for a capital sum $52, 978,420 was arranged in secret and remained hidden till after the departure of CEO Jack McKerchar.

* Interest on this illegally arranged loan was in excess of 1.7 million per annum until July 2014 when it increased to over 2.9 million per annum.

I do not understand why anyone, apart from those getting the dosh of course, would support KDC by giving them money or any other resources. While little organisations in small towns beaver away with voluntary workers and donations and achieve excellent results, the Dargaville crew suck up money like a Dyson vacuum sucks up dust only to be thrown away. John Robertson describes this organisation as ‘high performing’. But then in my other research into the human condition I have found that those who must praise themselves have seldom done anything praiseworthy.

My research also indicates that when the stakes climb above a certain level it is seldom a straight game. In the words of a friend, ‘They can’t afford to let you win’. So I could be pushing something messy up hill with a sharp stick which is unlikely to turn into a paddle up the creek. But I have taken a stand for what I believe is right and so will do my best to defend myself and indirectly those still being robbed by what I contend is a criminal organisation. If I lose I will not be ashamed, but if I did not defend myself I would be.

So despite a half century of research I am now reconciled to not only being largely misunderstood by the world but so, it seems, am also fated to be unable to understand the world myself.

As for my research into the human condition? The jury is still out and the judge has reserved his decision.

n prof_worzel@hotmail.com

I went from difficult to understand to completely incomprehensible. Most people need to drink a substantial amount to achieve this. For me it is a natural gift that has saved me a fortune in beer and spirits.


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