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Police Snippets


Road flooding
Heavy rain through the night of August 9 caused flooding in the usual areas say police. Wayby Valley Road was closed for 24 hours and several slips occurred along State Highway 16. Police received a call regarding a person trapped in a vehicle but were rescued before police help arrived.

Sergeant Geoff Medland says drivers need to be aware of their car’s limits when driving through flooded roads and should not venture into deep puddles that go over the sill of the car.

“Police saw a lot of people taking unnecessary risks with driving onto flooded roads,“ Medland says. “If people get caught in a flood, we don’t have the appropriate equipment readily available and so they are putting people at risk.”

Bail breaches
The man who breached bail while waiting to be sentenced for the burglary at Mangawhai’s ‘Raw Milk’ store, is now biding his time in prison after being arrested for several breaches of his bail conditions and ‘cannot be trusted.’

Speed cameras
Kaiwaka is one of three new sites that will soon receive a static (fixed) speed camera to help improve road safety.

Situated strategically on the Twin Coast Discovery Highway, the camera uses the latest digital technology and has the ability to monitor multiple lanes of traffic in both directions.

National Manager of Road Policing, Supt Steve Greally, says the site was identified as having a proven history of crashes or potential for crashes resulting in death or serious injury.

“We’ve worked with local councils, the AA, affected residents and other stakeholders to ensure everyone is satisfied with our decision to install these cameras and the response from the public has been overwhelmingly supportive,” he says. “We know they’ll make a difference to road safety in the areas.”

- REPORTING/Julia Wade

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