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Mangawhai Bowls Results


Mondays 3 Bowl
June 27: 1st Len Bird, Georgie Walker, Ian Toddun. 2nd Gerry Mulligan, Sheryl Innes, Joyce Chappell. 3rd Marion Pilmer, Ted Tuffey, John Bottomly. Touchers: John Parker, Carol Harrison, Anna Greenwood.

July 4: 1st Paul Freeman, Carol Harrison, Graham Egerton. 2nd Ron Heaton, Susan Egerton, Brenz Sweeney. 3rd Sue Wightman, Margaret Sweny, Patti Lane. Touchers: John Bottomly, Sue Wightman, Graham Egerton.

July 11: 1st Sue Wightman, Diane Adamson, Don Mcdowll. 2nd Tony Cornish, Greg Lawson, Graham Egerton. 3rd Dundee Henwood, Noel Howard, Anna Greenwood. Touchers: Bruno Barnetta, John Innes, Rob Cleaver.

July 18: 1st Dundee Henwood, Noel Howard, Sheryl Innes. 2nd Neville Franks, Pauline Lincoln, Jim Colvine. 3rd Paul Freeman, John Innes, Ray Aitchison. Touchers: John Bottomly, Ray Greening, Georgie Walker.

July 25: 1st Sue Wightman, Ted Tuffey, Ian Toddun. 2nd Neville Franks, Carol Harrison, Jill Brierly. 3rd Paul Freeman, Barbara Pengelly, John Parker. Touchers: Len Bird, Diane Adamson, Sheryl Innes.

Aug 1: 1st Neville Franks, Barbara Howard, Ailsa Trevithick. 2nd Lois Bird, Carol Harrison, Ian Toddun. 3rd Tony Cornish, Brenz Sweeney, John Parker. Touchers: Susan Egerton, Don Mcdowell, Nicolette Franks.

Aug 8: 1st John Crocker, Brenz Sweeney, Tina Harris. 2nd Ross Riley, Erin Wildermoth, John Parker. 3rd Lois Bird, Barbara Howard, Patti Line. Touchers: Susan Egerton, Ray Greening, Jim Colvine.

Thursdays 2 Bowl
June 30: 1st Neville Franks, Keith Blincow, Dundee Henwood. 2nd Rob Cleaver, John Anderson, Ross Hollingsworth. 3rd Gerry Mulligan, Noel Howard, Barbara Howard.

July 7: 1st Greg Lawson, John Innes, Tony Hollaway. 2nd Neville Franks, Keith Blincow, Dundee Henwood. 3rd Brenz Sweeny, Stuart Charity, Ian Toddun.

July 21: 1st Rob Cleaver, John Anderson, Ross Hollingsworth. 2nd Neil Hibbert, Doug Somers-Edgar, Ken Mcleod. 3rd Sue Epsom, Jackie Rutledge, Georgie Walker.

July 28: 1st Paul Freeman, Barbara Pengelly, Patti Line. 2nd Neville Franks, Keith Blincow, Dundee Henwood. 3rd Neil Hibbert, Alf Dickens, Ken Mcleod.

Aug 11: 1st John Parker, Keith Blincow, Dundee Henwood. 2nd Tina Harris, Mona Guttenbeil, Fay Yates. 3rd Noel Howard, Barbara Howard, Gerry Mulligan. Best Overall 10 Weeks: Skip Neville Franks, Two Keith Blincow, Lead Dundee Henwood. Tried Hardest: Skip John Crocker, Two Ray Aitchison, Lead John Bottomly.

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