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Coastal Commentary Rick Stolwerk: NRC


rick-324With Rick Stolwerk: Northland Regional Councillor, Coastal South

Kia ora

As I mentioned last month, I will be splitting my Coastal Commentary into two sections local and regional matters. Once again if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on ricks@ nrc.govt.nc or 021 823 770. I would much prefer a text message, if I do not answer straight away.

The end of summer and the beginning of autumn is always a thought-provoking time, back to work or school and a change of weather patterns. This has been further complicated by the recent regional border restrictions. Regardless of what has happened to us as a community or as individuals we must push on:

Local Matters
What an amazingly resilient community Mangawhai is, you have had a lot to contend with lately, firstly the massive influx of holidaymakers over the summer period and now the mixed messages around where the regional borders are actually located. Hopefully these borders are now sorted and we all know whether we are in or out.

Of concern to local residents are the environmental impacts and issues around the Managawhai Central Development, the health and future of the Mangawhai Harbour, offshore sand mining and water resilience. Please be assured that the Northland Regional Council is fully aware of these issues. Our Council is committed to addressing these issues now and working with communities to obtain long-term sustainable outcomes. Our vision says it all – Our Northland – Together we thrive.

Regional Matters:
1. Water quality and availability are always hot topics in coastal communities, Mangawhai is no exception. Please check out the NRC web page for the latest information on the following: coastal water quality monitored swimming sites, new rules around the Essential Freshwater package and the conditions of our recreational lakes.

2. Regional Land Transport Plan & Regional Public Transport Plan 2020/27: If you are interested in having your say on what you think should be happening on our state highways, local roads and public transport network please come along to the following ‘Have your say’ session: Thursday 11 March 202111.30am – 1.30pm Domain Hall, Mangawhai.

3. Long Term Plan 2021-2031: Please visit this site, sign up and stay up to date with developments for the next 3, 10 and 30 years. All councils do a LTP and the final document reflects what the community wants, so please have your say at: Waipu Friday 26 March 11.00am – 1.00pm Waipu Cove SLSC, Cove Road.

Until next month.

Nga mihi Rick

„ Disclaimer – these are my personal views and not those of NRC or NRC councillors.

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