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Worzels World - Each to his own


The most recent US election seems to have generated more interest in this part of the world than any I can remember. New Zealand has become more US oriented year by year since the days when ‘Yanks go home’ was sprayed on walls in Auckland city. That was when graffiti actually made sense and wasn’t just the illegible tags of local youth copying American gangsters. In those days we did not celebrate Halloween and newspapers spelled prison ‘gaol‘ as in the Oxford English Dictionary, not ‘jail’ as in the US computer spell check.

The entire spectacle left me in no doubt that the defining feature of US politics is that it is an expensive show underpinned by massive corruption. Is New Zealand following this trend too? The result however looks to me like a case of poetic justice. America has gone about the globe toppling government after government and destabilising nation after nation while using freedom and democracy as an excuse for doing so. Now the ruling elite have become the victims of what little freedom and democracy still exists in that once great nation. In a modern day equivalent of their war of independence the resounding Trump victory was the sound of the American people declaring their independence from globalism and elitist agendas.

When it becomes clear that those operating within the status quo have no solutions and very little integrity it is time to try something different, and Donald Trump is certainly different. So often it is difference which adds spice to life and Trump’s win is a setback for the one-size-fits-all globalist agenda. However the central bankers and shadow government that have controlled the US government will still assert their insidious influence on Trump should he be inaugurated president in Jan 2017. It remains to be seen if he is strong enough to resist the inevitable pressure that will come upon him.

I thought if the elections were fair he would win but I am surprised at the hand wringing and sad faces throughout the New Zealand media at Trump’s triumph over the criminal Clinton. There are certainly many here and elsewhere pleased to see the end of the corporate friendly TPPA in favour of continuing existing, well established and quite adequate trade practises.

I lived and worked in California for some time and travelled across mid-west USA to end up in New York. America is a marvellous country, the vast majority of Americans are good and generous people. For me, though, it was a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.

America is America and may it always be so. Americans are welcome to it. Personally I prefer the land of my birth here in New Zealand. It saddens me that we have become more Americanised. There is something special and individually peculiar about every race and nation on the planet. The one world flavour of globalism is not for me. It fails to recognise the necessity, for better or worse, of freedom. It comes with a ‘we know what’s best for you’ sales tag. It is a price too high and I refuse to pay it.

Although happy to hear advice, I may not take it. There are only two who have the right to decide what is best for me, God and Myself. Though I must confess that in the light of hindsight my own ability in this area is highly suspect.

Everyone, excepting those fleeing imminent execution, have a duty to sort out their own back yard wherever that may be. Our land and our heritage is like our sex, our intellect and our body type – they are not of our own choosing. We must simply do the best we can with whatever hand this game of life has dealt us. So good on Trump for giving it a go and trying to save his own country. He’s certainly got his work cut out.

What worries me more are news reports telling of a massive increase in applications from US citizens to emigrate to New Zealand. The last thing we need here are huge numbers of disaffected democrat globalists who are too cowardly to accept a democratic decision that does not fit their own stilted world view. If we fill New Zealand up with such as these, the All Blacks losing to Ireland could become a regular thing. So to them I would repeat the writing on the walls of my youth: Yanks Go Home.

n prof_worzel@hotmail.com

“The one world flavour of globalism is not for me… It comes with a ‘we know what’s best for you’ sales tag. It is a price too high and I refuse to pay it.”

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