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Letters to the Editor


Get a life
What a lot of kerfuffle regarding Paul Henry’s “sexist” comments.

I can’t recall any period of my life when I was not an enthusiastic admirer of a shapely female form. Many happy hours were spent with my male friends ‘perving’ at young ladies on the beach who were wearing skimpy costumes, and many were the comments passed that would have horrified those in the present day who are endeavouring to create a ‘gender neutral’ society.

In case they haven’t noticed, humans are divided into two distinct sexes – with some variations on that theme. The basic urge of nature is the law of attraction that ensures the survival of the human race, thus some physical features are designed to contribute to that cause – shapely breasts being but one of them.

One guardian of our morals even commented ”Objectification as behaviour is dehumanising” and here is me who has been objectifying for an entire lifetime.

Admiration is a compliment, yet there are some who choose to distort compliments into something objectionable – politically correct gender-neutral idiots just waiting to take offence at the slightest mention of very obvious gender-distinctive features.

For those poor souls I would offer three little words as a helpful suggestion: Get a life.

Mitch Morgan

Respectful relationships

Local men are being asked to think about what kind of guy they wanna be, and what they value. This challenge comes from White Ribbon's campaign promoting respectful relationships.

Most men do not use violence towards women because they value fairness and respect. Strengthening the respectful values, and behaviour, of all men will make your community safer for women and children. And men will have more satisfying relationships.

Respectful relationships are based on everyone being treated as equals, and effective nonviolent communication.

Men can learn how to do this, and White Ribbon provides a toolbox for men on how to have respectful relationships. There's another for young men: 'Start With Respect'. And this year White Ribbon is providing advice for dads on how to grow respectful sons, available at whiteribbon.org.nz.

Respect is the behaviour we want instead of using violence. It makes your community safer and happier. Let's practice this 365 days a year.

Cam Ronald
Chairperson, White Ribbon Committee

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