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Worzels World - Conspiracy theories the new truth



Hardly a week goes by that something in the past that was summarily dismissed as a conspiracy theory is proved to be true.

When I wrote in this column a couple of years ago that big brother was watching, I didn't realise that state agencies were literally watching us. It turns out that that they have been, and are looking and listening through almost every gadget that we use. Televisions now watch the watchers and given the programme quality I'm not surprised. Smart phones these days are often smarter than their users who they track and monitor. Observant motorists will have noticed the proliferation of roadside surveillance cameras.

Nobody told us this was planned, yet without our consent our privacy has been invaded and the 'surveillance state' is a reality. Is it all a conspiracy? A 'conspiracy’ is defined as ‘a secret plan by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal’.

Pick any time in history and you'll find a small bunch of people lording it over the majority. This was always the result of some conspiracy or other. The proverb 'uneasy rests the head that wears a crown’ was not coined solely because the average crown is extremely uncomfortable when worn in bed. Rather it was because there are always conspirators plotting to take power no matter how uncomfortable it is.

In spite of mounting evidence of the veracity of many conspiracies there are still many conspiracy deniers. It is in the interests of those in line to profit from a given conspiracy to discredit alternative views that fall outside of the manufactured mainstream narrative.

Those who expose conspiracy are often dismissed as paranoid tin foil hat-wearing nutters. Sorry to tell you, this too is a conspiracy and it is done to marginalise those who are trying to expose the truth. Remember that just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

A leaflet produced by an ‘Inner City Child Safeguarding Board' (no, I didn't make that up) warns that 'showing a mistrust of mainstream media reports and a belief in conspiracy theories could be a sign that children are being groomed by extremists'. This leaflet was distributed to parents and carers in the London borough of Camden. It is yet more proof of the existence within government agencies of the very conspiracies that they seek to deny.

Any individuals view of such conspiracies are greatly influenced by their knowledge of history and of human nature and behaviour. Take the conspiracy of banks and other lending institutions as an example. They conspire to sell debt as their sole product. Do they do this in order to add value to a nation’s economy, provide capital for business initiatives and bring prosperity to their clients, or is it because they are greedy and wish to make as much money as possible with the least amount of effort?

Invading a sovereign nation (like Iraq) under false pretence (weapons of mass destruction) was by definition a conspiracy. September 11 was also clearly the result of a conspiracy, the

fleecing of ratepayers in the Kaipara, the accumulation of around 50 percent of the world's wealth by 1 percent of the world's population – conspiracies all.

None of these were accidental. They were the result of people planning to do it. Their plans were made in secret and have proved to be harmful indeed. Likewise it can be argued that vaccines and their widespread use is a conspiracy to eradicate certain diseases while making a fortune for the pharmaceutical industry, or alternatively they are being used to control population growth by causing sterility, introducing carcinogens and also making a fortune for the pharmaceutical industry.

Is the USA invading country after country to bring freedom and democracy to oppressed and downtrodden people or are they robbing sovereign nations of their resources and bringing poverty, disease chaos and death? Is fluoride being added to water to improve dental health or as a convenient way to profit by disposing of an industrial by-product and rendering the population stupid and compliant?

The theory that there is an elitist global cabal planning to take control of the world through the manipulation of finance, infiltration of government and the imposition of a centralised dictatorship known as 'One World Government' or the 'New World Order' is not a conspiracy. It cannot be – it is no longer a secret. Much like the reality of the surveillance state, the facts are there for anyone who wishes to look.

What began as covert conspiracy introduced by stealth is conspiracy no longer. We have now reached the point where those in power are ready to simply coerce others into compliance. It is a case of do as we say and don’t complain or we’ll punish you. No conspiracy there, only tyranny.

Our own government spends little time or effort persuading us that any given measure they take is a good idea (probably because most of them are obviously not), they simply pass laws unwanted by the majority of citizens and expect us to kowtow under the threat of prosecution.

So keep in mind as you decide who to vote for in the coming election that every party standing is conspiring to persuade you to vote for them. The one question I will be asking is do they support the UN's globalist agenda as the Key government did or will they instead represent the people and start defending our nation’s sovereignty?

Those who expose conspiracy are often dismissed as paranoid tin foil hat-wearing nutters. Remember that just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

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