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20th September issue 2021

Repeat offender stealing plants from wetland

Young trees have been going MIA from a local wetlands with the disappering plants being yanked from their beds under the cover of darkness. 
thumbnail 17 MF-Stolentrees copy-321

Ed Said: The  haves  and  have-nots

The future is always open to interpretation, and marred by misinformation and misunderstanding. Many critics of modern life in New Zealand are determined to point out the differences between the classes.


Annual mangrove harvesting underway

The Mangawhai Harbour Restoration Society (MHRS) is currently completing its annual harvesting of juvenile mangroves which is conducted under resource consent, provided by the Northern Regional Council.

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Local ‘All Greys’ get taste of rugby stardom

When Mangawhai Park resident Jim Towers and wife Mary had a chance meeting on a morning walk in Mangawhai Village earlier this year it led to a group of local old-timers appearing on national TV.
thumbnail 17 MF-Allgreys1-764

Mayors Memo

Current Covid Rules around Kaipara District Council
Kaipara District Council continues to meet online rather than with in-person meetings until the end of September, as the rules for gatherings of people remain restrictive. 

Two artists, two media, two styles

Bold Black and Blue, the first exhibition of the new season and opening at the Mangawhai Artists Gallery on Friday 24 September, shows how two artists – photographer Joel Cayford and abstract artist David Just.
thumbnail Bold Black and Blue David Just 230921-341

Helping hand for those in need during lockdown

As Alert Level 4 settled across the country bringing with it the now all-too-familiar travel restrictions and limitations to work, shop and play, locals showed their kindness and generosity gifting food and goods.
thumbnail 17 MF-TeWhaifoodbank1 copy-225

Worzel's World: Do as you’re told, it’s easier

A critic who reviewed some  of my work, mostly unpublished, observed that the articles themselves were acceptable enough but they ended in death and destruction. He said they read like the book of Revelation. I thanked him for the compliment.

NRC emergency services funding allocated

A rescue helicopter service and the region’s surf lifesavers are among the six recipients of the Northland Regional Council’s Emergency Services Fund (ESF), which has recently been allocated for 2021-2024.

Applications open for next round of Factory funding

Despite Covid-19 placing the country under another lockdown and halting life for many, the ongoing pandemic has failed to stop the flow of cash from a local charity organisation’s mission to finance community-driven projects.
thumbnail 17 MF-Factorygrants2 copy-126

Mangawhai gets seal of approval

Mangawhai’s surf and sand appears to have attracted a few seals  in the  early  spring  months, with several sightings reported on social media of the glossy sea creatures either swimming in the warmer waters or sunbathing on beach rocks.

thumbnail Seal - Gordon Hosking-497

Tune in to yourself

Definitely challenging times for us all as I sit here thinking what to write. What seems right for me is tuning in to yourself. Some of the treatments we do as beauty therapists are about self-care and tuning into yourself.
Alex Donald 2018 sm

News in Brief

Art ‘n Tartan rescheduled  The  Waipu  Museum  Art  ’n  Tartan  Wearable Art Awards.
Recyclable ‘in theory’ no good  A reminder for NZ business – recyclable doesn’t cut it.
Kaiwaka foot bridge contract awarded  Kaipara District Council (KDC) has awarded the contract.
Ag Day going ahead Mangawhai Beach School Ag Animal Day will be going ahead.

Protestors oppose tree felling

On the southern side of the Brynderwyn ranges, a private development has once again come under the spotlight following a protest about the plight of a copse of old trees.

thumbnail 17 MF-KapawitiTrees2 copy-995

The Climate Chap: What a load of rubbish!

New Zealand is the most wasteful developed country on the planet, sending over 350,000 tonnes of waste to landfills annually. How on earth have we got into such a mess? 

Community pitches in as new Shed project gets off the ground

Pre-lockdown visitors and passers-by to the Mangawhai Domain would have noticed a brand new building slowly taking  shape.

thumbnail 17 MF-Shedupdate1-976

Our beaches have never been so fragile and under so much attack!

If you thought that the sand mining company McCallums was listening to the Mangawhai to Pakiri community opposition to the mining consent application from their partner, Kaipara Limited, then sadly, you and everyone else will be disappointed.
thumbnail 17 MF-Beach attack-page-0-20

St John asks public to tell them if they have Covid symptoms

St John is reminding the pub-lic of the importance of letting ambulance staff know if they or anyone in their household have been exposed to, have symptoms of, or have tested positive for Covid-19.

Border confusion: Kaipara’s identity dilemma

Kaipara appeared to go through an identity crisis recently after many northern-bound locals were denied access from their own northern region due to the district’s tapestry of criss-crossing service borders. 
thumbnail 17 MF-KaisID3-944

IHAD volunteers and mentors thanked

Whangarei charity I Have a Dream (IHAD) is thanking its mentors and volunteers for their generosity in support-ing the programme de-signed to improve career and life outcomes for local youth.
thumbnail Dave Cotty copy-731

Letters to the Ed

Controlled by fear‘ So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself.
Freedom from lockdown Today (Sept 8), the first day of level 2, I find myself remembering what an old friend once said.

Northland tsunami siren testing at beginning of daylight saving

Northland’s six-monthly tsunami siren test will take place at the beginning of daylight sav-ing on Sunday September 26.

Locals line up for vaccination

When the Covid-19 vaccination team arrived in Mangawhai on September 16 and 17, locals took full advantage of having their shots within the neighbourhood.

thumbnail 17 MF-Vax2-341

Have your say on Kaipara’s proposed new Bylaws

Kaipara District Council (KDC) is proposing changes to the Stormwater Drainage and Wastewater Drainage Bylaws and is asking the community for input before it is finalised.

Police Snippets

Crime down overall
Local police have been busy since August 18, monitoring Kaipara’s borders along with their Auckland and Northland colleagues.
Meth arrests
The fight on methamphetamine is ongoing Cootzee says and describes it as ‘an ever-changing landscape’.

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