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I got a little depressed the other day. It was my own fault. I made the mistake of listening to the news. It wasn’t so much the reports of terrorist attacks and sexual harassment that did it but more the way it was being conveyed. I am certain that exposure to modern media is more than a little to blame for the huge rise in depression and despair in the world. That such symptoms of a sick society as suicide are less prevalent in impoverished developing countries than here in the affluent west might indicate that access to a pervasive media peddling what is loosely termed news might detrimentally impact mental health

In so many of our interactions, in all areas of life, the treatment we get from others depends largely upon what treatment we evoke. If you look like a doormat, act like a doormat and lie down at the drop of a hat, chances are someone’s likely to wipe their feet on you.

In today’s media there seems to be an unspoken understanding that if an individual feels harassed then they are. The implications are that the actions of others are responsible for how we feel. The reality is though that we are ourselves responsible for how we feel. How we feel, how we behave and what we are has a great bearing on how others treat us. However this truth has largely been sacrificed at the alter of appropriate behaviour which encourages self censorship. It seems to have spurred the development of a form of ideological fascism that has grown out of political correctness.

In these strange and interesting times people can be accused of the crime of ‘hate speech’ for merely speaking their minds. Without doubt the possessors of some minds do themselves and others no favours by the sharing of that mind’s contents but this does not mean that anyone else should feel bad about it. That many minds would be better off emptied and refilled with more wholesome content is obvious. Yet this is the job of those in charge of the mind in question.

Simply having an untidy or even a dirty mind is not sufficient reason for others to attempt to brainwash it. If speech of any type makes you to feel bad it is your problem and nobody else’s. Sticks and stones can break your bones, but hate speech cannot hurt you unless you allow it to. If manifestations of foolishness or ignorance upset you, then given the extent of foolish ignorance around you will be fated to spend your life permanently upset. If ignorant bullies who harass you make your life unbearable then I suppose you could try and avoid ever dealing with government departments or alternatively lock yourself away from any and all social contact. Other than that the only solution is to learn how to deal with it.

I have addressed my problem with the ‘news’ by leaving the radio off and if certain speech is unpleasant to us we can close our ears, turn off the telly, hang up the phone or leave the party. Part of the problem is that here, as elsewhere, a gullible public has been duped into adopting a victim mentality. When facing a problem, real or perceived, the populace asks ‘what are THEY going to do about it’. The government and government agencies are expected to find solutions to crime, drug addiction, homelessness, poverty, and to provide health care, education and various other services. THEY don’t do it, THEY wont do it, and THEY can’t do it. What THEY will and are doing though is gradually increasing control over an apathetic populace. THEY

are stealing your freedom, autonomy and wealth. The question you have been taught to ask is what are THEY doing about it? When the real question is what are WE doing about it?

You are not a victim of others’ greed, craziness, ignorance, hate speech, harassment, foolishness ignorance or any thing else except that you choose to be, or allow yourself to be. It is time to wake up, take responsibility for your own feelings, actions and attitudes and stop blaming everyone else. In all probability you can’t change them or the world at large, but you can at least attempt to change yourself. And if you succeed in that who knows, maybe you will begin to notice changes in others and the world too.

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We can close our ears, turn off the telly, hang up the phone or leave the party. Part of the problem is that here, as elsewhere, a gullible public has been duped into adopting a victim mentality.

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