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Tribute walk shows Mangawhai panorama



Panoramic Walk-671
Have you walked the hilltops around the estuary heads? This walk is a real Mangawhai gem. With a few short sharp climbs it can be a bit of a challenge but the views are worth the effort! This special walk is a tribute to Jean and Don Goldschmidt, creators of the Mangawhai Walking Weekend.

Park at the surf beach car park and look for a small sign to the left of the white rock. The pathway winds up under the shade of tall shrubbery and is somewhat steep to begin with but you will soon arrive at the first fabulous lookout. This grassy knoll is elevated high above the surf beach overlooking the crystal clear waters of Bream Bay with glorious views from Bream Head to Cape Rodney.

For a short walk retrace your steps to the car park, otherwise keep left and follow the track as it leads west down the hill to cross The Heads subdivision's driveway.

Look for the marker on the other side of the driveway, which will lead you onto a steep stepped path that will bring you to the top for the next most stunning ‘panoramic’ views to the south over Mangawhai estuary and dunes. Look for the well-placed seat at Don's Rest!

Continue down the hill to Pearl Street, a public street, where you may exit back to the car park, or cross the roadway to the marker which is the start of the third steep climb with more spectacular views for you to enjoy. Note at this point, there is a short section of the track on the Pearl Street subdivision road. Look out for the marker to re-enter the track on the left and climb the last rise to Cullen Street.

You can return the same route, or take the 20 minute walk along Cullen and Wintle Street back to the car park. Alternatively weave your way back to the car park along the sandy bays of the estuary shoreline, simply gorgeous! Timing is one hour one way taking it slowly.

n You can learn more about this magnificent walk by booking a guided option on the Mangawhai Walking Weekend, March 24-26, 2017. Further details on this and many other walks can be found on mangawhaiwalking.co.nz.

LOOKOUT: The Goldschmidt Walk offers a unique almost birds-eye view of Mangawhai.

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