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Warm reception at local library



18 MF-Library1-973Visitors and volunteers to the local library through the chilly winter months have been welcomed by a warm and cosy ambience thanks to a recent funding grant from Kaipara District Council (KDC). 

The annual Mangawhai Endowment Lands Account (MELA) grant has allowed Mangawhai’s Library Hall Committee (MLHC) to connect two new heat pumps to the rooms, creating an inviting atmosphere as well as protecting the vast range of reading material from excess moisture by allowing easy circulation of cooler air through the summer months. 

 “We are very grateful to the Council for the MELA grant that provided these to the library,” says MLHC president Rosemary Browne.

Along with the heat pumps, the library interior has also been spruced up through the year with fresh paint, contemporary shelving and newly-laid carpet, ‘presenting a bright and inviting atmosphere for locals to browse’, library volunteer Maureen Skinner says. 

“Mangawhai Library is a very busy place these days with many new editions and additions ensuring the ever-growing membership is spoiled for choice, whichever their preference of genre,” she says. 

“We have picture books which introduce the very young to reading by way of wonderfully imaginative artists. The junior fiction and young adult sections are stocked with old favourites, shelved alongside the most recent books which are receiving worldwide accolades from exciting new,
young authors. Our classics corner, reference section and jigsaws continue to provide variety, interest and information, and non-fiction titles cover an awesome array of topics. We have increasing numbers of large print, popular titles, talking books, DVDs as well as books which are so recent the ink is hardly dry!” 

Since March this year, the library has been connected to Kotui, a new computerised system which links libraries from Mangawhai to the Far North, with an added advantage of enabling library members to request books not held locally, to be forwarded to Mangawhai at no charge, from other Kaipara libraries. Dargaville Library provides wonderful support to all Kaipara libraries which is much appreciated, Skinner says. 

“The librarian and volunteers wish to extend their sincere thanks for the support of their members and look forward to meeting new members. Memberships, single or family, are available free to permanent residents of Mangawhai. You’re all welcome to pop in for a look around.”

New library cards are ready for issue to current Mangawhai members and for those members who read only online, it is important to collect your new card as soon as possible so books can be listed in the Mangawhai Library records. 

 Library Hours: Mon 7-8pm DVD's two for the price of one; Tues/Wed/Thurs 9.30-11.30am and Wed 1-3.30pm; Fri 1-3.30pm; Sat 10am-12pm.

New carpet, shelves, fresh paint and brand new heat pumps make Mangawhai Library an inviting destination for lovers of a good book. 

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