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Working bee transforms public space



thumbnail Riverbank 4-620During the month of June Kaiwaka Can's team of dedicated volunteers ripped through stage one of McClean Park's transformation, ridding the riverbank of kikuyu grass, clearing pest plants and various weeds. The kikuyu was no match for a Grillo mower and a determined team sporting weed-eaters. Chainsaws and pole saws tidied up low hanging branches making the park feel safer and providing more open spaces to enjoy. The woodchipper was fed continuously, and by the end of the morning parts of the park had been chipped into a generous pile of mulch, ready to nurture new plants in the very near future.

A selection of medium-sized privet trees were left untouched until the transformation project reaches planting stage, because currently the trees are doing an excellent job of shading out and suppressing other weeds that could take over. Smaller privet and woolly nightshade was pulled out by the roots with much satisfaction, nine bags of general rubbish collected, and one sausage sizzle lunch with a side of doughnuts tucked into at the end of the morning.

Transforming the underutilised public space into a thriving green space and connecting the park to the waterway is a huge advantage to local families and visitors, providing Kaiwaka an open, inviting waterside picnic area, and a venue where kayakers and paddleboarders can access the waterway safely.

A huge thank you to all the families, businesses, and individuals who joined Kaiwaka Can to 'Muck In for McClean Park'.

The Mid-Winter Warmer event also took place in June and was thoroughly enjoyed by those who attended. It was a delicious opportunity to mix and mingle, sharing a meal of homemade hot soup and garlic bread while sharing ideas. Chairman David Wright gave a presentation on current and future projects that the Kaiwaka Can team are working on, and concept maps and images were on display. Henk from the lighting team brought along an interactive display of neon flex, the new LED's that are lighting up Kaiwaka again.

The evening wrapped up with a door prize draw, the lucky winner receiving a $50 voucher to plug in at the Three Furlongs, kindly donated for the evening. Kaiwaka Can membership continues to rise with several more go-getters signing up on the night. Members old and new are looking forward to teaming up, pooling resource and creating lasting memories working on the multitude of projects they’ve got going on for the Kaiwaka community.

n If you'd like to be part of Kaiwaka's transformation conversation, contact David Wright on pukepunga@xtra.co.nz, or visit facebook.com/kaiwakacan/


The Kaiwaka Can team get stuck in for a morning of cutting, clearing and weeding the McClean Park river bank. PHOTO/SUPPLIED

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