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New face and name for old Waipu pub



20181213 180140-884In these days of cosmetic surgery ‘medical miracles’ don’t end with people.

The old Waipu pub has just undergone an extensive makeover and facelift organised by new owners Loraine Bradley and Richard Mahoney. 

“It’s been a whirlwind three weeks as we only settled the deal a month ago,” says Loraine. 

Fortunately her prowess as an interior designer, together with a willing group of up to twenty tradesmen, saw an incredible refurb take place over a very short space of time. 

“The workmen were amazing, they never had a day off in over three weeks, and worked in so well together,” she added.

An impromptu opening night was held last Wednesday in preparation for Saturday’s official opening. 
“We were thrilled with the turnout,” said Lorraine “and feedback was very positive.”

Typical of an opening there were a couple of hiccups to be ironed out but patrons took any delays all in good heart.

Apart from the new look, the old pub will also sport a new name: Rose and Thistle Inn. This was chosen by members of the public in a competition in which the winner will receive $500 and a nice meal at the pub. The lucky winner will also carry the legacy of naming the pub.

“The new name will give Waipu people some ownership of their local and will reflect some of Waipu's heritage,” says Richard.

Two new chefs will deliver a very new menu from that of the past including consideration for those with different dietary needs.

“Once properly organised we'll also do home deliveries of meals and booze,” says Loraine adding the pub will also be open for breakfast and anyone booking for lunch can pre-book their meal so it’s ready for them at a specific time.

The accommodation side will be the subject of a makeover after Christmas but will still offer budget rooms as well as ensuite. This close to Christmas the couple agree it may be a little difficult to tap into the usual round of bands and entertainers on the pub circuit but they will endeavour to have some local bands performing as and when available.

Such a venture is a radical change for a former stay at home Mum and a Whangarei tech teacher but neither are lacking in enthusiasm and with the support of a vibrant local community the new Rose and Thistle Inn should remain a focal point of Waipu for many years to come.

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