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The Cow Shed a household name


cowshedpic-633The Cow Shed Restaurant and Farm Shop is well known among locals and visitors alike. With owner Robert, renowned for his BBQ skills, cooking  generous portions of meat on his coal BBQ and gas fired spit. While Wendy, his wife, brings her flair to the kitchen using quality local products. Set in a rural setting, 10 minutes drive from Mangawhai, in a converted Cow Shed. The relaxed atmosphere and wholesome food makes dining at The Cow Shed a memorable experience. 

While Wendy, Robert and their family have lived in the community for over 25 years, The Cow Shed has been open for evening meals, all year round, since 2012. But that’s not all they do. Wendy uses the commercial kitchen to bake bread and transform produce from the orchard into jams and pickles which she sells at the Village Market on Saturdays. In recent years the couple have developed a venue space that can hold larger groups of people for weddings and special events. And a pop up cafe over the summer opens The Cow Shed up to experience the tranquility throughout the day. 

Each Summer their daughter and husband add some Melbourne culinary delights to The Cow Shed Pop up Cafe menu. Amy and Sam live in Melbourne where Sam works as a chef. This summer marks the 4th year of the cafe, where the couple come over to run the cafe over the holiday season. The inventive menu offers something different from your usual breakfast menu alongside fresh juice, milkshakes and local coffee. Rumour has it that a new and exciting menu isn’t the only thing Amy and Sam have been cooking up. You will have to pop on out to see what exciting announcement the family has in store for the new year. 

So if you already have a well established relationship with The Cow Shed or are yet to come out and experience all that it has to offer, be sure to put it on your to do list this summer. 

The restaurant has extended holiday hours, booking essential 6:30pm-10:30pm set menu, BYO
The cafe is open from 9am-3pm from the 27th December until the 20th of January
The venue space is available for viewing by appointment. 

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