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Letters to the Editor



The Politician

When you vote in this election be discreet in your selection

when you make your choice from parties that you see.

What they promise you, for sure, I will double it (and more).

Show you’re wise, don’t compromise, just vote for me!


There’ll be taxes I’ll invent (that shrink your income);

tax the rich and give their money to the poor.

Oh the wonders I will do when I get a tick from you.

Just let me get my foot into that door.


For the younger generation I might bankrupt this fair nation

making promises I never can fulfil.

But it doesn’t really matter whose realities I shatter

once I get my grubby hands upon the till.


I will borrow, borrow, borrow, like there isn’t a tomorrow,

load our kids with debts, ensuring poverty.

And the future they’ll inherit - they’ll just have to grin and bear it.

I am the light, so get it right and vote for me!


For the future of our nation I will lead you to salvation,

free you from a life of hopeless misery.

I will raise you from disaster, there will be no other master,

My advice is don’t think twice. Just vote for me!


Yes, I am the one anointed, so don’t be disappointed

by the opposition choices that you see.

Though I am a smooth tongued liar I will still be your Messiah

and I’ll promise you the world. Just vote for me!

Mitch Morgan


Capable Connecting Charge
Our latest rates assessment has seen our rates increase by 50 percent due to a Capable to Connecting Charge. Our property is now within 30 metres of the sewer line and even though we choose not to connect we are being charged 75 percent of the full rate of being connected. That's $850 per year for no service.

Imagine a service provider in a competitive environment attempting to do this. Services like gas, water, optic fibre, and telephone could all pass within 30 metres of your property, and would they attempt to charge simply because the service is available? I don’t think so.

We have exhausted all avenues via the Kaipara District Council, so perhaps some questions from the press may stimulate discussion in the community and force a rethink.

There are 465 other properties who will also be required to pay this unfair and unethical charge, and we would be very keen to hear what they think.

Roy Hyslop


Health rights denied
If Government were sincere about protecting our health, it would not be short changing DHBs on the one hand (Northland $29 million), yet deny us the capability of looking after our own health on the other. It was reported that the Health Minister gave Pharmac an extra $100m for prescription drugs. This money should have gone to DHBs to decide on the best health treatments, not just for dishing out drugs, particularly when we hear the statistics around the number of people now on opioids and anti-depressants, with their known side-effects including deaths.

Cannabis prohibition denies us the right to look after our own health. The Natural Health and Supplements Bill, when it passes its third reading, will further deny us this human right.

This is an oxymoron – the logic behind it is totally moronic. Government should put their money where their mouth is, and completely support the health of the people, or allow us to look after ourselves, by allowing us to grow our own cannabis, buy the supplements of our choice, stop radiating apricot kernels, etc.

Those currently waiting for surgical procedures should consider what the impact will be on waiting lists, when those currently using traditional medicines are forced on to the state health system.

This issue is everyone’s issue!

We have the ability to regain our human right to look after our own health, if we so choose, on 23 September.

Beverley Aldridge
Otamatea Grey Power


I love living in Mangawhai but there is one aspect that I don't love and that is the rubbish dumping around our roads.

There are members of community that seem to have no respect for our area and the respect it deserves.

Everywhere you drive debris can be seen on the side of our roads, however, it isn't isolated to Mangawhai unfortunately.

The area that I am mainly concerned about is Cove Road between Mangawhai and Langs Beach adjacent to the Robert Hastie Scenic Reserve.

The area where all those irreplaceable kauri trees exist and are a marvellous sight when driving along.

The lay-bys along this section of road tell a very disgusting story of people dumping their rubbish over the banks into pristine forest. You name it there has been everything dumped there.

I have taken it upon myself to attempt to clear it all up with the help of the Whangarei Council and try and work out a way to catch any further offenders in the future. And that shouldn't be too difficult with modern technology.

Kauri Dieback is evident in the area alongside that road and I for one would be devastated if we lost those trees by this irresponsible behaviour.

I have driven around Mangawhai and seen bottles tossed out of cars and I have to say it is mainly a certain section of people that do it. (It's not hard to work out).

As a community we can group together and probably solve the issue but it does need everybody behind it.

Peter Farrell


WHAT A TIP: rubbish along Cove Road. PHOTO/Peter Farrell


Organs of democracy
Policies are what policies do. Current government policies are a wish list from think-tanks funded by the extreme right wing in the US.

The negative results of these policies are predictable so cannot be called an accident. Our cities have become global feeding grounds of predatory property speculators.

Current government policies have created a Ponzi scheme economy, deeper levels of poverty, low wages, unaffordable housing, more homelessness, insecure employment, bigger and fuller prisons, third world traffic congestion with minimal commitment to public transport, dirtier rivers, lakes and aquifers, a reliance on fossil fuels, climate change denial, abandonment of financial regulations, gung-ho promotion of genetic engineering, and an increased threat of extinction for increasing numbers of species.

The instigators of current policies, massively enriched by them, pass the costs onto the victims and insist that their victims are responsible for their own misfortunes.

To support the parties with policies that wilfully cause harm is a crime against humanity.

Not to vote is a vote in support of inhumane practices.

The parties that win the election must disentangle us from the deeply embedded neoliberal theology which is strangling the isolated remnants of democracy. Dismembering a society of its organs of democracy is a catalyst for dangerous instability.

David Lourie

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