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Fresh colour and style for local salon



HeadzHair-624A local premises that has seen many changes over several decades has recently been trimmed, coloured and restyled into an upmarket, stylish hair salon with a touch of rustic charm.

Located at Mangawhai Heads shopping Center, Wood street

‘Headz of Hair’ officially opened its doors 12 August.

Owner, manager and senior stylist Rose Rye neè Paikea, teamed up with Mangawhai master stylist, Thérèse McNamara-Cooper, to redesign the salon at Mangawhai Heads shopping center ,Wood Street . The two women share a passion and vision for their profession, to give clients the ultimate experience in hair care and treatment and say hair styling goes a lot deeper than making a customer’s locks look fabulous.

“I love to help clients feel good about themselves, to be able to lift a customer’s sense of well-being,” Rose says. “When you focus on that person, you can make it right for them, it’s such a great feeling.”

“No matter how people feel when they come in, good or sad or feeling not so pretty, we can help make them feel special,” Thérèse says. “I like it when people feel good about themselves… I love what I do. It’s a privilege.”

Between them both stylists have a wealth of experience of several decades, although they say they ‘can always learn more’.

Thérèse has been in the hair dressing industry for 35 years, during that time she has been a salon manager, Tutor for Winters hairdressing school and a Northern Regional Manager for Rodney Wayne.

Rose has been in the Hair dressing industry for 25 years & owned and managed salons in both Wellsford, Auckland and Australia, where she lived for nine years.

She also Tutored Hairdressing in Wellsford for Arotec academy for 2 years before she opened the salon R & B Hair Dezign.

The Kaipara born and bred stylist says. “ after living in the area for three months , I saw a change in the atmosphere… there’s a different energy, so much new growth, I just loved it.”

The salon has gone through an intense renovation, led by Rose ,Aaron, & the Team in the 4 days leading up to the opening date, with relined walls, fresh paint and relocation of the staff kitchen. Rose says there has been a few close calls of tradies nearly falling off ladders and incidents of holes in walls and paint spilled, with minor renovations currently still ongoing as Rose and her team tend to their clients.

“We’ve had such a huge supportive response from the community with people bringing in food, bottles of wine and even offering to help renovate… we took them up on their offers sometimes, had some clients holding ladders or sweeping floors while there hair was in foils…” she says.

“I would like to say a big thank you to everyone, especially my husband , Colin & Conny from Colony Realty, our good friend Sharon Radford who helped set up the salon, all the customers who’ve offered help and were very patient with all the changes.

Big shout out goes to Sheryl Moir from La Croix who, despite being our competition, welcomed us and our clients into her salon for a week before we opened.”

Future plans for the salon include linking into the community network with a TV advertising local businesses, a spa area, and a “man cave”.

“So men also can feel welcome and comfortable,” Rose says. “our vision is to “share the love” here at Mangawhai Headz of Hair.”

CAPTION: Turning heads at the Heads with a fresh new look; owner/stylist Rose Rye neè Paikea receptionist Melissa Linnell and stylist Thérèse McNamara-Cooper.

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