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Worzels World - Merry Christmas from the Dogs of Doom



It’s been a difficult week for the Worzel as weeks leading up to Christmas are apt to be. I was booked to be the introductory speaker at the inaugural, ‘Prophets of Doom Conference‘. However the event was cancelled due to inauspicious omens grim forebodings and the secretary forgetting to book the hall. But all is not lost. I will reproduce in part my opening address as an early Christmas gift for all my loyal and longsuffering readers.

In these strange and interesting days when cars have become our feet and our horses, computers and televisions have become our minds and cell phones and Google are our memories. It might seem that the role of the prophet has become redundant.

Now that we must compete with artificial intelligence and powerful computer algorithms. Our lives are only partly biological and the line between the organic and the technological the carbon and the silicon is becoming increasingly blurred.

Many are a combination of both with synthetic bits and pieces. The micro-chipping of humans has begun and there is even talk of brain implants that allow for direct cyber interface with the cloud. A kind if face book in the brain. Sounds like changing men into monsters to me

Ring a call centre and the chances are you will talk with a machine loud and long before ever being granted grudging access to a human. And you can forget about ever talking to a living breathing entity with any actual authority. Such august personages are forever in meetings.

It is becoming increasingly difficult in our daily lives to discern that which possesses the spirit of life from that which is but a soulless creation of man.

Yet it remains the business of the prophet to discern where all this will take us but we must now all admit that we have already left were we have been.

The predictions of many modern prophets differ markedly The climate change crew warn that catastrophe will come via carbon discharge and cattle flatulence. There are the plague and pestilence people pushing pandemics and antibiotic resistant super death.

Nuclear war is a prophetic perennial for humanities demise as are predictions of cosmic collision causing chaos. Others tell us that natural cataclysm; earthquake, super volcano tsunami and the like will take out sizable numbers any time now. And then there predictions of conspirators plots depopulating the planet through a plethora of man made means.

The one thing all these have in common is that if we don’t change and change soon we are undoubtedly doomed.

The world has changed rapidly yet the majority of people continue to be caught in the same old paradigm, get born, work, consume and die. With an undiscovered universe both within and without us most are sadly subverted into a zombie state hypnotised by the banal trivialities adorning the contemporary

western world. A preoccupation with shallow entertainment engenders shallow values and encourages stupidity, foolishness and the avoidance of contemplation. Excellence is discouraged and few achieve anything much more than mediocrity.

In spite of widespread agreement about the doom and gloom we face there are few proposing any feasible solutions to these prophesied outcomes.

Indeed it seems that there exists only three main schools of thought in the world. There are those, possibly the majority, who choose to live in denial of the clear and obvious reality. Such as these continue in the belief that tomorrow will be as yesterday was and which today appears to be. Sadly this has never been true and is less true now than ever. There are those who think solutions to the complex and seemingly insurmountable problems we face can be found in human ingenuity. That with cooperation and technology we will sort out the many ills that beset us. This too is delusional. After spending several thousand years making the mess it is surely illogical to believe that human beings can suddenly find solutions to problems that they alone have caused. The is no evidence that humanity possesses this capacity and much evidence to the contrary. Without first addressing our legion individual shortcomings. It is a triumph of wishful thinking that we can undo the disorder and decline that is so evidently manifest in the wider world.

There is though a third section that sees the possibility of a solution available beyond and above merely human resources. A supernatural solution if you like. It is from amongst those that prophets of another stamp arise. They too have a message and that message is one that many believe can bring about our salvation. We must first be saved from ourselves. The message is that we must change our ways and humbly ask the God who created it all in the beginning to restore his creation. To recreate it. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.. He was acclaimed as the only son of this creator God. He healed the lame and restored sight to the blind. This sad old world that stumbles lame and blindly on needs such healing power once again.

So says the prophet.

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For those who practise prophecy

Often wonder if it be

By the Lord’s divine decree

Or man’s predictability

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