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New gym gets Mangawhai moving


IMG 20160403 102031-395The word ‘gym’ generally conjures up images of puffing, panting, sweating profusely and working onesself almost to exhaustion albeit for a good cause.

Mangawhai now has a new gym where there are no treadmills, exercycles or mirrors to be seen.

Qualified, experienced and passionate coaches Aaron and Jo McIlwee own and run Crossfit gyms in the Eastern suburbs of Auckland with over 200 members including kids, teens and adults of all abilities.

Jo has a background in gymnastics, netball, Pilates and nutrition, while Aaron, apart from being a personal trainer, coaches 150 boys in a variety of sports at Auckland’s Sacred Heart College from year 9 upwards.

Both say fitness “doesn’t mean Olympic times, endurance or weightlifting records, it means following a regime within your own ability for your own wellbeing but with qualified coaching towards any personal fitness goals you might want to achieve.”

“Fitness is a personal thing,” says Aaron. “What is your challenge? Do you have a training or competition goal? Do you want to learn how to eat better for health or performance? Are you not quite where you want to be in life and ready to make a change? If are ready to accept the challenge, we want to hear from you.”

To date 20 locals are working out in their relatively simple set-up on Jack Boyd Drive which goes under the Fit365 banner and, it is not just for adults.

Alternating with their Auckland operation it runs from p.m. Thursday to Sunday morning with times extending as the need grows.

“We take a holistic approach to exercise,” says Aaron. “Plan your aims within your capabilities and motives, whatever you want to achieve, then strive to do just that little bit better, but remember it is a workout. The whole idea is to become fitter and more functional in everyday life.”

They are not into super-heavy weightlifting or big record-breaking in strength and endurance.

Apart from their work they live a similar lifestyle to most if us with a 2-year-old and another on the way and Jo maintains her regular workout regime throughout her pregnancy.

Your own workout performances are recorded and can be easily accessed by phone app whereby you can also compare yourself against the performance of class-mates which is a good incentive when attending as a group after tennis or when the kids have gone to school in the morning.

Jo and Aaron both agree: “We know what we do works and we want to see it work for you.”

n Fit365 Mangawhai, 68b Jack Boyd Drive. Contact 021 662 655.

GOALS: Aaron and Jo McIlwee – pictured with son Cooper in their Mangawhai gym – cater to all ages and all wellbeing goals.

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