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Worzels World - The Power of Propaganda


Those in power make the rules. Traditionally they are called rulers, but this does not necessarily mean they are straight. The rules they make favour the powerful and are enforced at the expense of weak and apathetic people. There is nothing new in this.

Throughout history the downtrodden, the uneducated, and those vanquished in battle have always been enslaved by tyrants. One of the more common lies is, ‘I’m from the Government. I’m here to help’. It is part of human nature to believe such comforting lies rather than an uncomfortable truth. It was not so very long ago that with Teutonic efficiency a group of people were systematically collected, transported, killed and disposed of. Told they were being re-located to work camps for the good of the fatherland they believed it.

Why, asked the Jews, would a pragmatic people waste such a large labour force? It’s a question that has never been reasonably answered. When rumours of cyanide showers and ovens built to cremate their countrymen circulated in Nazi Germany, most still preferred to believe the work camp myth rather than the awful, almost unbelievable truth. Had they known from the outset the intentions of their masters they would have surely organised some resistance. It is impossible to systematically exterminate six million people without their consent and co-operation.

That consent was obtained by trickery and coercion. Brute force is not efficient and was only used as a last resort to mop up the last few pockets of noncompliance. When the war ended and the terrible truth revealed, the world gasped; how could this happen? The answer is encapsulated in a single word: complacency. And it is complacency that will allow something similar to happen again. In Hitler’s fascist regime they were only beginning to see the potential for deception through propaganda – fake news if you like. Hitler, Himmler Goering and co could not conceive of a way to persuade other European nations to submit to a united Europe. Consequently they tried to enforce this agenda through military means.

The world was plunged into war as nations resisted loss of individual and national sovereignty. And only a generation later persuasion and propaganda achieved a European Union that the Third Reich could not realise through military might. Three years after the Brexit vote English people are now finding out just how hard it is to break free from the claws of globalist bureaucratic tyranny. Propaganda is not confined to Europe. Much of what is called ‘educating the public’ has nothing to do with education at all. It is designed to persuade us to behave in ways most convenient to those wishing to obtain or maintain control. We of the post modern proletariat are compelled to pay people – and by and large not especially bright ones – to tell us what to do and how we must do it.

They then paint themselves as heroes and champions of the common good for riding rough shod over a disempowered populace. I wonder sometimes, is this a good deal? Can I have my money back? The Consumer Guarantees Act states that ‘if goods are not suitable to their advertised purpose they can be returned for a full refund’.

Sadly I  don’t think this extends to politicians, corporate directors, or investment brokers. Corporatisation, privatisation and the Americanisation of our market place has left more losers than winners. Greater disparity between the haves and the have nots has made our once ‘no worries mate, she’ll be right’ proudly egalitarian nation a hungrier, greedier, less forgiving and more humourless place. In two score years we have gone from an almost entirely middle class society to the fourth most unequal nation on earth in terms of income. In the end everyone has lost.

For all our purported progress, our time  and labour saving inventions, rich or poor we have less time and more confusion than ever. This ever broadening gulf renders meaningless many aspects of our law. For instance a standard fine for a minor transgression can represent great hardship to those in the lower income bracket and is a real and harsh punishment that it can never be for a company director or an executive officer on a six figure salary.

The lie of prosperity through corporatisation is proven by the steady rise in such things as  cancer, autism, suicide, depression, homelessness, the prison population and benefit dependency, and the resurgence of previously rare third world type diseases. The New World Order agenda is to label things the opposite of what they actually are. Increasing corporate control was sold as a free market. Trickle down turned out to be vacuum up. These detrimental changes are not as they would have you believe – the result of bumbling incompetence by public servants and politicians doing their best but failing. They are rather a carefully planned and executed strategy for power and control. It is time to wake up before it is too late.  

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