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Letters to the Editor


Divide and rule
Why are our major political parties so intent upon establishing apartheid in our country and allowing our children to be brainwashed with a history that has been distorted and rewritten by those with vested interests?

Why has democracy, the cornerstone of most civilised countries, been cast aside by our politicians in the name of “cultural sensitivity” to appease a race that exists in name only?

It seems that democracy is no longer an acceptable philosophy and has been replaced by a reversion to tribalism.

The Treaty of Waitangi has been distorted to such a degree that the original aim of uniting two peoples is now being wielded as an instrument of divisiveness.

It is plain to see that the Maori Party has our Prime Minister over a barrel, and when they say “jump” he jumps and performs a backflip on previous promises.

Unfortunately it is not only the National Party kowtowing to political correctness but also the Labour Party and the Greens, leaving voters with the sorry option of replacing one bad apple with another.

Or is this all a deliberate ploy, a giant red herring, designed to divert the populace’s attention away from the disastrous financial state that we now find ourselves in because of reckless government borrowing?

Our national debt is horrific, yet our opposition parties are strangely silent on this issue.

Is that because they haven’t got a clue on how to resolve it? Must our future generations suffer because of their apathy and inertia?

The easiest political solution is to create a diversion – the old ploy of divide and rule.

After all, who is going to worry about such a mundane thing as our country’s financial state when their beaches, mountains and equal rights are progressively being taken from them?

We must once again become one people and demand that politicians face up to our economic woes.

The alternative is a future of a nation in bankruptcy – or being controlled by those to whom we are indebted.

 Mitch Morgan

No apology for comments
The editorial in your latest issue referred to what was described as an abysmal meeting run by the MRRA. I attended what I believe to be the only candidates meeting run by the MRRA and would describe it as anything but abysmal. It was impartially chaired by Mr John Bull. Questioning that was personal rather than issue-based was most competently and firmly discouraged and everyone got a fair hearing.

The beginning of the meeting was delayed a few minutes because of a misunderstanding about the access keys which was no fault of the MRRA but for which the MRRS Chairman, himself a candidate, took full responsibility. There were also some difficulties with the sound system which was new. There were some teething troubles that earlier testing had not detected.

Everyone standing for office was invited to attend, not just those standing for positions relating to Mangawhai and it is a testament to the regard in which the MRRA is held that nearly every candidate accepted the invitation. The point also needs to be made that the meeting was also open to the public, not just MRRA members who paid for the venue – and a number of people who are extremely hostile to the MRRA, including your paper, attended. With the possible exception of one meeting convened by Grey Power in Dargaville, the MRRA meeting was the best attended meeting in the entire campaign.

It was a great shame that you should print such partisan and inaccurate account of a very well run and courteous meeting. You would do better perhaps to follow the example of Mr Bull who conducted himself and the meeting in a scrupulously fair and balanced manner notwithstanding any personal views he might hold.

I am in a position to comment as I have attended the four meetings run by different organisations throughout Kaipara, not only here in Mangawhai. I note your newspaper is distributed throughout Kaipara’s west coast including Dargaville but you chose not to attend any of the other meetings, only Mangawhai.

You may think it is amusing to denigrate a voluntary organisation subscribed to by almost a thousand residents and property owners in the district, an organisation that has been fighting for justice for Kaipara’s ratepayers for six years now. Your treatment of the MRRA is nothing short of abominable. If you must attack an organisation make sure you do it on a fair, honest basis, which you have not done in this case.

Lastly, I make no apology for my comments as I see to be true and correct and the community needs to know.

Gaye Burt

Had you read my editorial closely you would have noted that, in fact, I did attend all four meetings the following week and I, too, make no apology for my comments especially that it was an ideal opportunity for the MRRA and their nominated candidates to focus on the present and the future for Kaipara in this important election

– Ed. 
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