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The Cow Shed, more than just a day at the farm

The Mangawhai Cow Shed Pop up Cafe will reopen from December 27 to January 19, open seven days 9am-3pm. Run by the junior family members Sam and Amy Frater, they make this a summer working holiday coming ‘home’ from Melbourne where Sam is a chef in one of Melbourne’s prestigious cafes. A new addition to the family, baby Arlo, was born at the end of March.

He will be frequenting the cafe throughout the summer in keeping with the family vibe. The cafe decided to mark its fifth year by taking two menu items to a public vote. Customers were able to vote for their favourite shrooms and corn fritters dish from the past four years with the winning dishes joining this year’s menu. Dad’s corn and courgette fritters get Arlo’s seal of approval too. The menu has evolved over the last five years and Sam is extremely proud of this one saying it’s the best menu yet. Without giving too much away some menu items contain elements such as coffee hollandaise, black pudding crumble, peanut butter granola, strawberry creme patissiere, pickled grapes, katsu curry and tomatillo salsa – and that’s just a few of the tasty treats.  The Cow Shed restaurant run by owners Rob and Wendy Klink will also have a new addition to its dining experience this year too. On Saturday January 25 Cow Shed Grazing, as it is aptly called, offers diners a four course chef selection where Sam will be taking breakfast-brunch to a new level showcasing produce grown on The Cow Shed property and local ingredients. Dietary requirements will be catered for. This exclusive experience will have limited seating and diners will need to book ahead of time. As always The Cow Shed is open for evening meals all year round. With extra days during the holiday season though bookings are essential as there is a waiting list for their sumptuous portions of delicious BBQ and spit roasted meats plus a variety of accompaniments. The Cow Shed has had a makeover during winter with a fresh paint job and new displays. It also featured in last month’s garden ramble but if you missed it, the summer garden is still in full bloom. It’s an idyllic drive down Tara Road onto Pebblebrooke Road set on a breathtaking eight acre property with farmland and rural views from a converted cow shed which far belies its original purpose yet retains all its old rural charm
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