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Mangawhai Community Plan (MCP) – report released With a lack of clarity around budgets, priorities and consultation on specific designs, in September I sought a report on the MCP around these matters.

The report was presented to the November Council meeting and is available in the public agenda available on the KDC or by contacting Council. An area of high public interest throughout the past term has been the lack of footpaths/shared paths connecting Mangawhai Village and The Heads, and particularly in the vicinity of MAZ.

In short, the report provides the following clarity around the work programme:

Stage 1: Work has commenced on the Moir Street shared path and is expected to be complete by the end of this year. Work on the Insley Street shared path was delayed due to the works at the school and the need to complete the roundabout design. Construction is expected to commence in financial year 20/21 following the construction of the roundabouts at Mangawhai Central.

Stage 2: The design is expected to incorporate access into Mangawhai Community Park where the main spine of the shared path will run. It also expected to incorporate the roundabout at Thelma Road. Construction expected to commence in financial year 20/21. A footpath on the opposite side of the road to MAZ is also intended.

Stage 3: Construction of the roundabouts and shared path in the vicinity of Mangawhai Central expected to commence December 2019. Remaining shared path sections to be constructed in conjunction with Stage 2 in financial year 20/21.

Mountain Bike (and Walking) Park – report released? The Mangawhai Tracks Charitable Trust has been trying for some time to get permission to start developing a Mountain bike/walking park on Council’s Lincoln Downs Bush Block in Brown Road.

With a lack of progress, in September I requested a report on public use of this property. The report was released to the December Council meeting and includes development of a concept for the mountain bike park in conjunction with the Tracks Trust in the 20/21 year.

This is a good step forward because it formalises this commitment and leads toward the project being embedded in Council’s Long Term Plan.
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