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Work on the Waorahi Track





16 Jan, 2023


thumbnail Piroa and Air Force 2022-561PIROA-BRYNDERWYNS LANDCARE GROUP


The Royal New Zealand Air Force returned in December to help us progress work on the Waorahi Track.

A team of 20 staff came for a day of hard work and to experience the amazing environment we all enjoy so much. Work progressed very well thanks to the incredible effort of all involved.

The Mangawhai Trackies have been instrumental in continuing the work over past weeks and in guiding the RNZAF work on the day. Massive thanks to both the RNZAF and the Mangawhai Trackies for their remarkable efforts.

The track is another recreational track through amazing landscape where serious conservation work is under way. Waorahi is 200 acres of native bush newly added to Piroa-Brynderwyns Landcare Group’s pest control programme: the great work will further enable safe habitat for native species to flourish in the ranges.

Once completed the track will provide easier access for teams to manage animal and plant pests along with providing a new walkway for the community to experience.

The native bush is already seeing the return of many native birds and regrowth of the understory now that rats and possums have largely been controlled, if not eradicated. The work at Waorahi has also included the removal of many pest plants including areas of wild pine.

Bruce (the owner of Waorahi) is one of the areas ‘5 Minute Bird Count’ team which has now completed the monitoring on Waorahi. The monitoring will provide a benchmark for future years’ comparisons and quantitative evidence on the impact of the pest control work.

Thanks to the teams at both the Mangawhai Meat Shop and Waipu Four Square for putting on the BBQ for the workers. The group enjoyed a well-deserved swim and BBQ at the Waipu Surf Club to finish the day. We greatly appreciate the sponsorship from our local businesses.


A team of 20 worked on the recreational Waorahi Track in December. PHOTO/SUPPLIED





Dog care over the holidays




With summer now on our doorstep it’s time to remember how to be a responsible dog parent over the warmer months. Many of you will be jumping for joy at the idea of taking your dog on holiday with you. But do you know what responsible dog ownership on holiday entails?

Responsible pet activity is about choosing walking tracks and visiting nature parks that permit dogs, and need-to-knows about boating, toileting and lead etiquette etc.

Much as you may want to take your pup to your favourite lake or beach, not all outdoor activities are pet-friendly. We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to control your dog on the beach.

New Zealand has some of the rarest animals and most delicate ecosystems in the world. NZ dotterel/tuturiwhatu, little penguins/korora, red-billed gulls/tarapunga, and many others are declining in number. Unfortunately, these are put at risk by pet owners who let their dogs run free in places where there’s wildlife.

Where are the local dog walking areas? In Mangawhai, the dog bylaw document is available on the Kaipara District Council website which shows all the on/off leash and prohibited areas.

For Langs, Waipu, Bream Bay, the Whangarei District Council website lists on/off leash and prohibited areas including the changes over the summer holiday period.

Log on to the DOC website to continue reading their blog for more details on dog parenting this summer.


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