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People need to know
The message from Mr Rogan on the Mangawhai ratepayers Facebook site before Christmas must not go unanswered.

He criticises the former Mayor for resigning or bailing as he puts it. There was widespread disappointment about this decision. However he then invents emotive speculation as to why this happened.

More recent residents to Mangawhai need to be aware that Mr Rogan was an elected councillor who, in 2002, did the very same thing. He also bailed on his duties and did not see out his full term. This was also the early days of discussions about the wastewater scheme, so instead of staying and negotiating a better deal for his constituents and possibly saving millions of dollars, he simply bailed.

Then in the aftermath if the ill-fated scheme, through court action he has cost Kaipara ratepayers upwards of $2 million in court and legal fees. He is also critical of acting Mayor Mr Wethey asking ‘what has he done in Council?’ What did Mr Rogan achieve when in Council?

Generally individuals do not achieve. Councils achieve as a body. If he became Mayor, how could Mr Rogan work with Mr Wethey having openly criticised him on a public forum? One learns in competition you concentrate on your own performance. Criticising your opposition is considered ‘poor form’.

Mr Rogan’s main claim to fame is chanting protest songs from the back of a truck in 2011. He, on behalf of many, had a principle to uphold but having done that to the best of his and their ability surely it is time now to, having learned from the past, promote opportunity and enthusiasm for a better future.

I read he has recently lodged another appeal against the KDC in the non-payment of rates saga. This will not only cost Kaipara ratepayers again but how can he continue in the mayoral race as surely this is a blatant conflict of interest?

It is important people attend the candidate meetings, ask leading questions of the candidates, elect the right person for the job, live by our majority decision and let the council get on with things.

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