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Explore the art of teaching yoga


Asia Pacific Yoga Teacher Joleen Steve-660Want to share your yoga practice or have a deeper understanding of yoga? Yoga teacher training might be your next step.

At a time when the world is needing to find a new balance, more and more people are gravitating towards yoga practices. People are recognising the calming benefits of moving freely, breathing fully and developing a little more mindfulness.

Asia Pacific Yoga, a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS), will be offering yoga teacher training (YTT) courses in Waipu Cove.

“Anyone with a passion for expanding their wellness is welcome on a YTT,” says Asia Pacific Yoga founder Steve Hall. “It is not only for those who are interested in becoming a yoga teacher, but just wanting to deepen their personal yoga practice.” 

Asia Pacific Yoga’s YTT provides the perfect foundation for students to start teaching from and covers all aspects required for Yoga Alliance certification in a relaxed and supportive environment. The course is designed to encourage personal development and transformation, allowing students to explore aspects of themselves that they might not have tapped in to.

Steve says that he is delighted to offer a thorough, focused and fun approach to these wonderful wellness techniques that have stood the test of time.

“Everybody is different, therefore there is no one school of yogic thought or practice for everyone,” says Steve. “People have to discover what works for them. And this takes sensitivity, honesty and dedication.” 
Along with the explosion of yoga, there are also some misconceptions.

“I love exploding myths,” says Steve. “Common ones are ‘Yoga is for flexible people’ or ‘I can’t meditate because my mind is busy’. Yoga actually means to connect. To our bodies, breath, loved ones, community and the world. Simple powerful practices enable these connections to develop steadily and easily. This is the yogic way.”

Co-teacher Joleen Lunjew says students choose to train with Asia Pacific Yoga because YTTs are held in smaller groups in beautiful, peaceful locations, designed with the students in mind, and are affordable. 

“Our experiential based curriculum is based on the principles of Practicing, Embodying and Sharing. Everything is taught with Ahimsa (non harming through sensitivity). The trainings are small so there is plenty of time for everyone to learn with clarity.”

Steve trained in Goa and completed advanced trainings in Rishikesh, India, and has taught for 15 years in Bali, Indonesia. He has a particular interest in the effects of yoga breathing techniques. 

Joleen has a traditional education in Ashtanga Yoga and has been practicing for a decade. She brings a passion for Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga. 

Asia Pacific Yoga is offering a 19-day residential 200-hour Yoga Alliance internationally certified Yoga Teacher Training at Black Sheep Farm, Waipu Cove, from June 10-28. This is a Hatha Vinyasa training which will include some Yin and Restorative practices as well. There will be another YTT in July if there is enough interest. 

 For more information visit asiapacificyoga.com or call Steve at 027 609 7039.

Teachers Steve Hall and Joleen Lunjew help people to discover what works for them, and dispel some of the myths about yoga.

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