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Game, set and two new courts


7 MF-Tennis1-212-715Excavator machinery and carved out land are becoming a common sight around Mangawhai, as new homes and businesses sprout up around the area.

Mangawhai Domain has recently joined the ranks of having exposed earth, as the knock-on effect of the surge in population has led the tennis club to add two new courts.

Mangawhai Tennis Club vice president, Cliff McPherson, says the club is looking at the bigger picture in respect to the ongoing growth of Mangawhai.

“We’ve seen an increase of Aucklanders settling here and membership has grown, especially in the 25-40 year old age groups,” McPherson says. “We have a very strong younger membership and our Thursday meet is very lively and successful.”

Extra courts will also increase the potential of competing with other local clubs.

“Four courts are just not enough for competitive tennis. Six courts should keep us going for quite a while.”

Excavating began in February and caused some controversy at the beginning of the soccer season in late March, when rocks and other harmful debris were scattered over the Domain’s playing fields. Although the source of the spillage can still not be clarified, leakage from newly-laid drainage at the back of the playing fields is suspected to be a possible cause.

“We had several working bees on our Thursday night meets to clear it all away,” McPherson says.

Over the next few months the club will be fundraising for the next step – laying of the concrete foundations.

“All going well we hope the courts will be completed by the end of the year,” McPherson says.

Mangawhai’s tennis courts with all-weather astro turf and lighting has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Excavated by tennis-savvy gum diggers before World War 2, the courts originally lay behind the current Moir Street police station. After the war the owner took back the land and new courts were established in Insley Street. However due to parking and maintenance issues in the 1980s, the courts once again had to be moved and were relocated to the permanent home at Mangawhai Domain.

EARLY STAGES: Two new courts will cater for Mangawhai’s growing population of tennis lovers.
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