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13th January 2020 Issue

Glass sculpture, with a twist

One year after a translucent three-and-a-half metre tower of glass and its shorter twin sprouted among the vegetables in a Mangawhai Head’s backyard, another unusual ‘kinky’ sculpture has also sprung up.
thumbnail Glasstower2-324

Ed Said: Wood St, where to from here

At a time when holidaymakers shudder at the inevitable angst brought about by equally inevitable Christmas traffic chaos it was refreshing that, though tiny on a national scale, Mangawhai decided to do something about the local situation. 

A gathering of the clans

There are few days in Waipu that bow to pomp and ceremony as the Waipu Highland Games, held this year for the 149th occasion.


thumbnail Highland dancing-157

Double celebration for rare bird

One of New Zealand’s rarest birds, the tara iti – or New Zealand fairy tern – has been boosted by two chicks successfully hatching last month – one at Pakiri, North of Auckland and the other at Mangawhai.
thumbnail New fairy tern chicks Dec 2019 -707

$3000 scholarships for tertiary education, research, projects

Four new $3000 scholarships are being offered to support students studying or training in areas aligned to work the Northland Regional Council does in the environmental, economic or community resilience fields.

Rod Run display gets locals revved up

Over 170 classic automobiles and hot rods including Ford Roadsters, Model Ts’ Mustangs, Holden Camaros, Chevy coupes and Minis, some dating back to the 1920’s.
thumbnail 01 MF-Hotrod2-685

Homeware is where the heart is

Small southern town girl Angela Chamberlain has a wide repertoire of talents, from hair and fashion to make-up and photography, and interior decorating.

thumbnail Angela Chamberlain-406

Drivers out urged to take care during night works

The Puhoi to Warkworth Project is undertaking night works along SH1 January 7 to 17 that will temporarily affect traffic movements around Kaipara Flats Road, Goatley Road and SH1.


More power and music to the people

Thanks to a recent boost in power, local radio waves can now stretch further afield, carrying a unique style of music and commentary into homes which lay on the frequency limits.
thumbnail 01 MF-Radiowatts-693

Letters to the Editor

Thanks, well done I picked up this newspaper at a bus comfort stop somewhere.
Traffic improvements? When we want to improve traffic in Mangawhai we need first to know what we want to achieve.
Win a $100 dinner voucher
Have you been upset in any way by the traffic changes?

Singing to support festive struggles

For a second year Kaipara voices raised in harmonious song inspired a Christmas gift for a local organisation proactive in bringing relief and some joy to the many who struggle through the festive season.
thumbnail 01 MF-TeWhaisingers3-461-169

Gardening with Gael - I decided to plant a hedge

In a ridiculous move, quite questionable for the time of the year (I never recommend planting after October) I planted a hedge in early November.
thumbnail Coprosma lucida-789

Big time beckons bikers

Three Waipu boys are about to hit the big time in the motocross world.

Max Kelly, Riley Ward and Ben Wigram have gradually been improving their skills at the Maungaturoto MX Club track and are about to embark on some serious competition. 

thumbnail Moto cross boys Waipu-129

Summer crowd enjoys gala day

Attended by the masses enjoying a smorgasbord of over 200 art, craft and cuisine stalls, musical entertainment, carnival rides, sightseeing trips and fairground atmosphere.
thumbnail 01 MF-Gala8-769

Worzel's world - 2020 vision

‘May you live in interesting times’ is a Chinese curse, yet it appears that we are living in incomprehensibly crazy times that not even the Chinese have words for. The 2019 year was the ‘quickliest’ passing year of my experience.


Parade and concert brought Christmas magic

Christmas magic exploded into Mangawhai recently in a long, colourful parade of festive song, glittering tinsel, joyful cheers and of course the star of the show, Santa Claus.
01 MF-XmasP1-662

Tara Iti ranked second on world golf list

Respected industry publication Golf Digest has ranked Northland golf course Tara Iti at number two on its annual list of the world's best courses outside the United States.
thumbnail Tara Iti Session 2-52-582

Bangin' beats bring in new year

For the ninth year east-Kaipara’s countryside came alive to the beat of an increasingly popular music festival which, for many locals and visitors alike, is becoming as essential to a Mangawhai summer as sand and surf.
thumbnail 01 MF-NB8-534

Giving rubbish costs charity more

Through the holiday season charities can often become inundated with extra readily-appreciated donations thanks to visitors clearing out baches, the annual decluttering of home cupboards and perhaps a regifting of a Christmas gift or two.

Thriving op shop welcomes change

It has been a typically busy period for the Mangawhai Opportunity Factory over the last couple of months with some well-loved members leaving and recent replacements welcomed.
thumbnail Lyndsey-230

Book Giveaway

Just a year after publishing her first book, Whangarei's Madison Macmillan has hit the book shelves again - and there is more to come.

Madison Macmillan and Adam Anderson-360
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