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Worzels World - An impending threat


Once upon a time I was a logical and reasoned person. I have repented and become a dreamer instead. I prefer it. In an earlier age I was a radio technician. I have a couple of certificates that attest to this. Took five years of study, with some fairly heavy duty maths and some pretty interesting practical work, but with the usual big organisation constraints.

A precursor to what became Telecom and now Spark, we were part of the once huge state run megalith known as the ‘Post Office’. We were taxpayer owned and funded – so thanks people. We did however make what in those days was called a surplus. It was somehow unseemly back then to refer to state run organisations as making a profit. Surpluses were fed back to central government and were a steady source of income which supplemented funds raised through direct taxation.

I parade these meagre credentials before you to add credibility to a warning that I must deliver. It regards the pending introduction of the 5G network into New Zealand. Our world is already awash with electromagnetic radiation (EMR). So many things are producing it: cellphones, computer wifi and routers, cordless phones, smart meters, smart TV’s and many other appliances. Over exposure to EMR at any frequency is harmful. Those living in close proximity to low frequency EMR from high tension transmission lines have been shown to have increased cancer rates. As EMR moves upward through the frequency spectrum these radio waves increase their ability to permeate flesh and the threat they pose increases. A microwaved chicken provides mute testimony to this.

 The race towards faster and more pervasive wireless coverage has brought us the Fifth Generation (5G) network. As each new generation is introduced they move further up the frequency spectrum. This technology operates in the microwave spectrum from 300 mhz to 300 Ghz 

There is talk of weaponised EMF, which can target individuals with a burst of microwave energy. Many say that the proliferation of radio frequency emissions in the world upsets the navigational system of bees and is a contributing factor to hive collapse. Conspiracy theorists maintain that an all-pervasive global network of surveillance and control is impossible without the introduction of the 5G network and the subsequent 'internet of things'. However these are but the stuff of conjecture and speculation. I will concern myself here only with hard fact and cold science.

Current guidelines around the safe use of microwave technology only deals with the thermal effect of radio frequency emissions. There has been no testing of links to other health problems that are of greater concern like cancer, miscarriage, birth defects, semen quality and autoimmune diseases, even though there is significant evidence indicating that exposure to RF causes such ailments. No testing has been done to quantify the extent of damage done. There is no doubt at all that overexposure is harmful but as yet a safe level for RF exposure is unknown. Anyone who tells you that a specific device that transmits RF is safe is either ignorant or lying.

What, if anything, does our government do to protect us in this area? There are ‘guidelines’ as to the amount of microwave exposure deemed safe. This is at best an arbitrary number. Here in NZ and in the USA the recommendation is for signal strengths no higher than 10 watts per square metre. In China, Russia and much of Europe the limit is only 0.1 watts per square metre. The lowest is in Lichtenstein where 0.0001 watts per square metre is the maximum allowable limit. If there is any state agency that polices these limits I am unaware of its existence. The EMR electro smog that invisibly pollutes many modern households can cause damage to our DNA which is the stuff that makes us us.

Barrie Trower, retired British military expert on stealth weaponry and microwave radiation warns that DNA damage caused by microwave radiation is irreparable. It is passed on from mother to daughter generation after generation. 

Doctor Sharon Goldberg, clinical researcher and internal medicine physician says, “Wireless radiation has biological effects… In humans there is clear evidence of cancer, there is no question. There is evidence of DNA damage, cardio myopathy and neuropsychiatric effects.” 

It will be impossible to exist in a world in which the 5G network operates without exposure to high levels of microwave radiation. The 5G network will expose people to this harmful radiation more continuously and at greater intensity than ever before . 

Does New Zealand really need this? With the current 4G system there is still less overall telephone coverage than what was once achieved by the old wire and cable system – 5G will not improve this. Comparable download speeds can be achieved through the safe use of optical fibre cabling. Just because something can be done doesn’t mean it should be. If you are concerned about your own health and that of your family you should resist the installation of smart meters on your house and the introduction of the 5G network into our nation 

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“Wireless radiation has biological effects. In humans there is clear evidence of cancer, there is no question. There is evidence of DNA damage, cardio myopathy and neuropsychiatric effects.”
- Dr Sharon Goldberg

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