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Panel reports back on Mangawhai Community Plan



IMG 1731 Examining plans-177Clean, connected, safe, slow, active – these are the words that underpin the recommendations of the Community Advisory Panel on the Mangawhai Community Plan.

At an open day in early July, the Panel gave the community a ‘heads up’ on recommendations it will be making to Council on Tuesday in its report on the development of a Mangawhai Community Plan.

“Our recommendations reflect themes of protecting the harbour, greater connectivity, safe pedestrian and cycling travel, improved facilities in open spaces, and a sustainable approach to growth, supported by good design,” says Belinda Vernon, Chair of the Panel.

After seeking ideas from the community in December and January, and looking at a range of issues in depth, the Panel wants Mangawhai to be a place where people ‘grow well’.

A big driver for the Panel is to ensure that growth does not impact adversely on the environment and, in particular, on the harbour. This is reflected in suggestions on managing growth close to the harbour edge (no increase in density) and applying environmentally sustainable storm water management initiatives, as well as addressing legacy stormwater issues, to reduce untreated discharges into the harbour.

The importance of a safe shared pedestrian/cycleway from the Village to the Heads (alongside Molesworth Drive), improving pedestrian connections generally, as well as completing a round-the-harbour walkway are included in the recommendations.

Fixing problem intersections in the Village also feature.

The Panel wants to see design guidelines used more effectively to enhance the ‘look and feel’ of Mangawhai.

Responding to community feedback that the District Plan is not working in the way many expected, the Panel also feels the District Plan should be applied in a more consistent and appropriate way. The Panel suggests more work is required by Council to support any changes to the District Plan in Zoning or in Rules.

The Panel’s report will be available on the Council website once it has been received at the Council meeting on Tuesday July 11.

Council will consider the Panel’s recommendations as part of its development of a draft Mangawhai Community Plan which will be consulted on.

“Everyone has a role in influencing the future of Mangawhai. We encourage all who care about Mangawhai to ensure their voice is heard through the public consultation process,” says Ms Vernon.

DIRECTION: Locals take an interest in Mangawhai’s future at a recent Community Plan open day.

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